Techitvita’s Note: SUPRIIIIIIIIIIISE! DIDN’T EXPECT A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL NOW DID YA? Okay maybe you did, but whatever. But yea, this is to make up for taking such a long time in writing Jorat - Chapter 3. (We were going to post the chapter first, but time’s running out so you get this.) Dasha’s been stuck doing college work, while I've been having writer’s block and procrastination problems. So yea. Merry Christmas!

A Jorat Christmas Special – Christmas Time Is Here

Written by WriteDownHappiness and Techivita

“Wait, the Christmas Caroling trip is being cancelled?” he said out loud as he read Dasha’s text while the snow poured from above. He sat at the edge of the Lincoln center water fountain scrolling through his text messages on his phone. A few moments ago he had texted Dasha to ask where the rest of filipino club was, and she had responded back with: “Ummm…Surat, it’s cancelled. Why aren’t you getting your shit together. You pabo.”

Surat frowned, he didn’t understand what pabo meant, but CANCELED!? He sighed and started somberly walking uptown through the seemingly endless snowfall. He drearily stepped into the mounds of white fluffiness and brown slush that situated on the streets as he walked towards the train station with a dispirited stride.

Snow flurried down from the skies as people rushed to find shelter from the monstrous snow storm. Surat just kept on walking, using his thick, black, puffy jacket as the only protection from the cavalcade of snow. As he strolled down the streets of Manhattan he couldn’t help but frown upon the Christmas cheer happening all around him. The holiday tunes he should have been singing with his friends surrounded him, as they were emitting from the stores he passed by. To try to cheer himself up, he sang along with the voice of Mariah Carey blasting out of Tasti D-Lite, but he still wasn’t satisfied with just singing by himself. He needed a group of people to sing with so he could hear the wonderful blend of harmonies and words.

♫ ~ We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And a happy New Year ~ ♫

What was that? A chorus? He rushed down the sidewalk of 59th street and as he turned the corner, he saw a group of people in Central Park, singing the songs he should have been singing with the Filipino club. They seemed to be either college or high school students who were dressed in red and black and held red chorus binders. His eyes shifted back and forth from the main road of Broadway and the group in Central Park. He originally planned to find a store that didn’t play Christmas Music and stay there sulking, but now that he saw the group of people, he wanted to see if maybe, just maybe, they would allow him to sing with them.

When they had finished their rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, Surat walked up to the conductor nervously, hoping that he would be able to join. The conductor was a lady, dressed in a puffy red coat and a santa hat. Unlike the other choir members, she held a black binder instead of a red one, and seemed to be one of the most powerful voice within the choir.

“Would you guys, be willing to have a person join your caroling group?” Surat asked the lady nervously. She was obviously older than him, and he felt slightly intimidated, especially because she was a lot taller than him.

“Actually, we were leaving this spot right now to go carol in my apartment building uptown,” she replied, peaking behind him, seeing that he was alone. “If you feel comfortable singing along with a bunch of college students, when you didn’t even learn the music, then sure you can come.” She said in a somewhat sarcastic and mocking tone.

Surat held the urge to roll his eyes, noticing that she was underestimating him. “I go to LaGuardia High School as a Vocal Major, you know,” he wanted to say, but what was the point in creating strife with the group leader if he was already planning to sing with them?

“Don’t worry, with my falsetto I can sing the soprano line easily,” Surat said with full confidence, and slowly but surely, the judging college students agreed for Surat’s admission to the group.

After a short walk, Surat and the rest of the carolers reached the apartment at Riverside. It was a pretty large building which seemed to blend in with the skyline perfectly with the other houses on the block. They entered and proceeded to take the elevator up to the top floor. Surat shuffled his feet anxiously. All the other carolers were a lot taller than him, and not to mention older, and he felt even more intimidated by them as they huddled into the elevator. When they got out, the conductor assigned each one of them a specific room to carol to.

Surat stood nervously in front of his assigned door. It was his first time caroling so he had no idea what to do. He peered down the hallway to find the other members already singing their songs. He turned back toward the door and took a big breath as he rung the doorbell. He held up the binder the lady had given him and prepared to sing, however when the door opened no notes came out from his mouth.


Out of all the possible houses and apartments in New York City, he had somehow ended up at Josh Nodiff’s door step.

“H-h-hi” Surat replied. He felt his cheeks warm up as Josh slowly opened the door and revealed him standing in front of him in a set of pajamas. There were characters on it that reminded him of some sci-fi show, but the name slipped his mind.

“How did you know that I live here?” Josh asked curiously. He was a bit surprised, but now that Surat was here, he felt better on this dreary evening.

“Oh… um… I didn’t…” Surat said nervously, shuffling his feet. “I just happened to come across a group of carolers, and then they invited me to come along, and then the conductor, who kind of scares me, lives in this building, and then she assigned me to this door, and then I was gonna sing a carol for whoever lives here, and then it happened to be you, and…” Surat took a deep breath after he had awkwardly rambled on about his journey as Josh stood perplexed by the tale.

“So what are you going to sing?” Josh said after a while, eyeing Surat’s binder.

“Um….” Surat replied, flipping through the random pages of the binder.

“Carol of the Bells”…

“Jingle Bells”…

“Christmas Don’t Be Late”…

“Feliz Navidad”…

All I Want for Christmas is You…

All the way in the back of the binder was a song that was still in its pristine condition. Probably because it was over-shadowed by the other songs in the front, horribly neglected, but ironically in perfect condition.

“I guess I’ll start now,” Surat said, and looked up to Josh as if receiving a sign of confirmation. Noticing the smile on Josh’s face, Surat felt slightly less nervous and then began to sing the song.

Christmas time is here

Happiness and cheer

Fun for all that children call

Their favorite time of the year

Snowflakes in the air

Carols everywhere

Olden times and ancient rhymes

Of love and dreams to share

Sleigh bells in the air

Beauty everywhere

Yuletide by the fireside

And joyful memories there

Christmas time is here

We’ll be drawing near

Oh, that we could always see

Such spirit through the year

Oh, that we could always see

Such spirit through the year

Josh clapped in admiration. He had actually never heard Surat “actually” sing before. Mostly it was just him rifting in random songs or just playfully singing in a higher range. But he found this absolutely spectacular. Surat did a little bow and smiled.

“That was amazing!!!” Josh exclaimed with glee. Surat felt his cheeks turn red as Josh ruffled his hair.

“T-T-T-Thanks.” Surat replied timidly, smiling shyly. He wanted to squeal on the inside out of happiness. There was a bit of silence until Josh broke the ice.

“Oh I almost forgot” Josh said. “Wait here.”

Surat watched as he left the front door open and disappeared up the stairs of his apartment. He checked his watched, as it said it was almost around 8pm. He have to go soon, which worried him, because he wanted to stay just for just a bit longer. The rest of the group were leaving towards the elevator. He wanted to tell them to wait, but he didn’t think the other carolers really cared if he slipped away from the group. When they had finally disappeared from the building, Josh reappeared in the doorway holding a small, flat package.

“Here you go! I forgot to bring this last Friday, but at least now you have it in time for Christmas!” Josh said cheerfully, giving Surat the package. It was wrapped in red and golden paper and had a large green bow which covered most of whatever the present was.

Surat accepted it with wide curious eyes and started slowly peeling off the tape that bound the package together. Josh watched in anticipation and enjoyment as Surat slowly unwrapped his gift. Surat’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, as the wrapping paper slowly unveiled a signed copy of Ariana Grande’s newest CD.

“Oh my gosh this is AWESOME! Thank you so much!!!” Surat exclaimed, squealing with joy. Josh stood at the doorway chuckling to himself as he watched Surat examine the gift carefully.

“I feel bad…” Surat said wistfully as he looked into Josh’s eyes “I didn’t get you a present.”

Josh shuffled his feet awkwardly, not knowing how to reply to that statement. “Um… it’s ok, I don’t celebrate Christmas anyway…” he replied.

“But… you got me something… so… I should give you something back…” Surat said some what dolefully.

There was a moment of silence between the two as neither of them knew how to respond to each other. Finally, after a few minutes of awkward shuffling and silence, Josh gently took the green bow from Surat’s present and gently placed it on Surat’s head.

“How about you be my present?” Josh asked timidly. Surat smiled sweetly and quickly pulled Josh into a hug. Josh ruffled Surat’s hair and kissed him gently on the forehead. Surat snuggled into Josh’s chest as they stood in the hallway, unaffected by the blustering snow outside. As they were bound in the hug Josh whispered softly into Surat’s ear:

“Merry Christmas.”