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Chapter 1 – A Cross Between the Stars

Written by Katasu1996 and Techivita


It was eighth period on a beautiful Friday afternoon. As usual, Surat wasn’t humming his rightful part from chorus. He would get reprimanded by Dasha for doing so, sure, but he couldn’t help it; he really loved the soprano part. He checked his watch seeing that it was 2:33. He was going to be late to trig again, and the fact that he had Mrs. Fischer didn’t help his situation at the moment. He reopened the chorus book, trying to figure out where he left off before he checked the time. He scrolled over to measure thirty-two and-


Surat stumbled back, caught by surprise as he rubbed his eyes. He blinked, feeling irritation in his eyes, realizing that he forgot that he was wearing contacts. He looked up to see a somewhat tallish boy with lush brown locks, which curled around his face, and drooped over his kind hazel eyes. He wore a simple faded blue shirt, tattered jeans and semi old Nikes. He seemed to be either a senior or a junior, so this situation probably wasn’t going to go so well.

“Hey!” the boy cried out.

Surat refocused, realizing he had dazed a bit. What was wrong with him?

“Oh… uh… sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you!” he replied.

Surat reached over and fluffed his hair, as he often did when he felt nervous. Wait… why was he nervous?

“No. It’s fine, but you didn’t look so good for a second…” the boy said.

He leaned in closer, observing Surat’s face with worry. He looked curiously at Surat’s overall appearance and then looked straight into Surat’s eyes. Surat stood awkwardly still, unsure of what to do.

“Is it because you’re wearing contacts?” The boy asked.

Surat felt his face go warm. This boy was way too close… and way too kind to him. A regular senior or junior would have reprimanded him or even made fun of him. But this boy… This boy was actually worried about him… And he’s never seen him in his life! He wanted to back away… but the racing of his pulse almost made him want to stay.


The boy turned around toward the voice calling his name, which allowed Surat to rub his eyes once again. After his vision cleared, he peered over the boy’s shoulder to find Evelyn hopping over to greet them.

“So that’s what his name is…” Surat thought to himself.

~A Few Weeks Later~

Surat had gotten to know Josh a bit better over the past few week. Apparently Josh was a junior tech major and a vegetarian (or was he vegan?) Josh seemed to be very sociable, knowing almost everyone in school and outside as well. It was the first time Surat had ever met anyone who was so kind to him. What’s better, Josh seemed to generally like everyone. Including him. Surat smiled at that. Including him.

“Hey Surat!”

Surat turned around and smiled brightly to see Josh waving to him. Josh patted him playfully on the back.

“What class are you going to?”

“Oh… um…” Surat replied, bewildered by the question “I’m heading to voice now. I’m really scared because Mr. Marwah is going to test us and he’s so AMAZING and I don’t want him to judge me…”

Surat looked over to Josh for reassurance.

“Don’t worry,” he said as they walked down the hallway, “you’ll be fine.”

Josh patted him on the back once more.

“Well, I have to go now. See you in the library later!”

“See ya!” Surat replied. He watched as Josh disappeared behind the escalator doors. Surat smiled to himself.

“OI!” A voice in the distance cried.

Surat turned around to see Dasha and Dominic walking down the hallway. Surat nearly wanted to turn back around because Dasha had the glare that could take down Medusa at a glance. It was probably because of one of Dominic’s antics again. Dominic was known for his mischievous personality.

“Tell him to STOP INCLUDING FREAKING POKEMON IN MY FANFICS! Oh and good luck guys!”

Dasha waved to the pair and then stormed away, leaving Surat befuddled and Dominic smiling mischievously with glee.

“Dude, let’s go. Testing time.”

The two walked down the hallway, and Surat kept the image of Josh’s smile in his mind. He smiled to himself. Luck would be by his side.

Josh wasn’t sure what to think. I mean, he had nothing against homosexuals. In fact, he was totally pro gay! Lesbian rights! All that stuff. However, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to accept that he himself was gay.

Or, at least, gay for Surat. After meeting this happy, adorable boy, Josh felt that he had changed. Just…he didn’t know. He felt… happier when Surat was around. Heck he even felt nicer. He remembered Evelyn’s words:

“You can’t GET any nicer. Any nicer and you’re Jesus Christ. And I’m an ATHEIST and I’m saying that.”

But he… he just felt nicer. Better. Surat made him feel good all the time. All happy and giddy on the inside whenever he saw him; Even feeling sad when he didn’t see him coming out of his music class. But he wasn’t sure if Surat felt the same way.

Josh was on his way to meet Surat right now anyway. The thought of that filled him with glee. He  would soon be there…


Josh rushed towards the staircase, hearing the cries of someone in need. Sure enough, as he opened the door, he saw Surat sitting on the floor with one leg propped up. He ran over to Surat’s side.

“Surat?! What happened?”

“I- I tripped on the staircase and my foot…” Surat mumbled. “My foot…”

Josh traced his fingers down Surat’s leg to his ankle, slowly massaging the possibly damaged area with his delicate but powerful hands. Surat looked up at Josh, his big black puppy eyes holding back tears. It hurt Josh to see Surat this way.

“It’s not serious, but this won’t do. I’m taking you to the nurse.” Josh said.

Surat blinked, unsure what to think.

“But,” he whimpered, “I can’t really walk…”

In one swoop, Josh picked up Surat in a bridal style motion and began carrying him down the stairs. Surat froze in surprise. This was unexpected. Surat knew he was pretty light, but he didn’t know that he was light enough to be carried bridal style. He looked into Josh’s serious eyes as they slowly declined down the steps.

Josh was not going to let Surat go on his own.

He wasn’t going to let him go.


Surat fiddled with his hands as he sat in the nurse’s office. The blank white walls made him feel secluded, as if he was in one of the testing rooms in Portal. Good thing there was no homicidal maniac recording his every move. The only problem was he didn’t really have a way of escaping. For one he couldn’t walk. Walking would be necessary, especially if the door was a few yards away. Two, there was no one else in the room to help him walk. The nurses had said to “wait here” while they went out to do whatever-the-hell they were doing. The entire room was vacant, and it was quiet. It was as if everyone’s forgotten him. He kept playing with his hands, waiting for someone to help him and remembering what had happen before. He was still shocked. Josh… He just lifted him up like it was nothing. He knew he was light but… but bridal style? Ho-how? He felt the blood rush to his face as he recalled the moment. He carried him down six flights of stairs. Six flights! He couldn’t even carry someone that far! How did-

“Surat?” A voice called.

Josh entered the nurse’s office and sat beside him on the soft, padded bed.

“Feeling any better?” He asked.

Surat paused for a moment, “No, not really. It still hurts.” Surat reached down to touch his ankle, remembering when Josh had kindly massaged his foot earlier. Surat allowed his fingers to linger on the spot of injury, trying to remember the feeling of Josh’s fingers over his skin.

Josh glanced down towards Surat’s foot. It was covered up in white bandages pretty crudely, as if Surat had done it himself.

“You should tie it on tighter just in case anything is broken. Here, let me help.” Josh said.

Josh moved in front of Surat and slowly unwrapped his bandages. Surat watched as Josh’s hand went around his foot in a clockwise manner, delicately avoiding touching the ankle, just in case it was broken. He seemed as if he was somewhat in a trance, clearly concentrating on the task at hand. It was almost in a very rhythmic motion as well, each turn being no faster or slower than before. One rotation. Two rotations. It was like a metronome, keeping in time with his heartbeat.

“There. That’s all done.” Josh finally said.

Josh slowly looked up as he patted down the bandages on Surat’s foot. Surat’s eyes met with Josh’s, seemingly melting into his hazel eyes. There was only silence. Surat felt his heartbeat growing faster, quickly pounding against his ribcage. Surat wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but the intensity of Josh’s stare grew stronger. Surat felt like he should look away, but could not keep himself from being fixated on his eyes.

Surat watched as Josh moved closer, feeling his fingers slip from his ankle. Surat sat frozen, unsure of what to do. His face grew warm as Josh placed the palm of his hand on Surat’s face and caressed his cheek carefully. He slowly moved in closer, his eyes searching Surat’s for permission of some kind. Josh’s face was now only two inches away from Surat’s face. His cherry lips hovered over the palish tanned, slightly pink colored lips of Surat’s. Josh, being so close to him, gave Surat goosebumps. He could see deeply into his eyes, like cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day; warm and sweet. As Josh slowly moved closer, Surat held his breath and closed his eyes nervously, awaiting the moment their lips were to touch.

There was only the sound of nervous breathing. Surat could feel the emptiness between their lips, a kind of tingling, the feeling when something is so close, but yet so far away.

Surat waited.


Suddenly Surat felt the hand caressing his cheek drop and the presence pull away from his face. He felt a hand gently ruffle his hair, only to coldly even stoically, remove itself all too soon. Surat couldn’t bring himself to open his eyes, but he imagined Josh smiling at him, as he heard the door slam shut.

Surat gasped for air and opened his eyes. He frantically looked around the room, looking for the bright face among the dead white walls. Nothing. He leaned his back against the wall. The only sound he could hear was his heart slowly resuming its regular pace. A feeling of disappointment filled his chest.

Surat had wanted their lips to meet.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“Don’t go…I think I like you…”