Techivita's Note: Wrote this on the train after watching a performance of Grease when everyone was basically not wanting to talk to one another. I can't really seem to edit this but yea. Sorry.


Written by Techivita on 12/13/13

The curtains rise,

Light fixating on the problems of reality.

Putting the spotlight on those we should trust the least,

And shadowing those who we should follow.

Mics turn on, recording your every move,

Every detail,

Every mistake.

Stereos blast the annoying buzzes,

The clicks and feedback.

You stand there.

One spotlight.

You put a smile on your face

As the whole world stares and examines your every move.

They know you’re just pretending,


Waiting for you to slip up,

Just so they can gawk and laugh at you.

You push them out of your mind and proceed to do what you came to do.

Keeping dancing.

Keep singing.

Keep pretending.

They wait



Waiting for the chance that you fall.

And you do.

You fall, but you get up.

They laugh at you,

Comment on how terribly you did.

You hear the criticism

But you push it aside.

Push it away to the back of your mind.

Keep doing what you can,

You can’t satisfy everyone.

Only yourself.