Techivita's Note: Not my best, but I didn't really know how to start this so here you go! 😀

Hello Child

Written by Techivita – Requested by Aleksandra A.

“She has your eyes” The Doctor said.

The Doctor sat besides Rose as she cradled their new born baby. It was midday in Bad Wolf Bay as they sat in their beach house after Rose had given birth to their new born baby girl.

Rose giggled. “She has your hair.”

She leaned on his shoulder, smiling happily as the little baby slept.

“What are we going to name her?” Asked the Doctor.

“I don’t know…” Rose replied.

There was only the sound of waves as the pair sat there, quietly resting. The baby awoke looking around with in the fluffy confines of her fluffy, little, pink blanket. The breeze gently drifted in through the windows and blew Rose’s hair to the side, giving the baby long strands of targets to grab at. Rose smiled and combed what little hair she had. The Doctor smiled.

“We could always call her Jenny.” The Doctor said, as the baby grabbed one of his fingers.

“Nah. It sounds a bit… American. What about Elizabeth?” Rose replied.

“Oh no. Too many Elizabeths.” The Doctor shivered at a memory he had. “Onligantoriphotrius?”

“That sounds more like a planet name than anything else.” She said, laughing.

The baby started crying and the Doctor shushed her while slowly caressing her head. The baby slowly stopped its sobbing and went back to sleep. Rose smiled and quickly kissed The Doctor and smiled. He kissed her back and gently combed her wavy, blond hair.

Only the seagull’s calls filled the air as they sat there, thinking.

“OH WAIT! I’VE GOT IT! OH MY GOD IT’S BRILLIANT!” The Doctor cried showing his holy-crap-this-is-a-brilliant-idea-face. He jumped off the bed, clutched his head and skipped around happy with his idea.

Rose laughed. “What is it?”

“Siberia! Yes that should be the name! OH MY GOD ITS BRILLIANT!!!” He responded.

“Isn’t that a name of a place in Russia?” Rose replied, confused.

“Oh but it’s so much more than that.” The Doctor replied, giggling with joy in between. He jumped up and down.

“Siberian is a type of wolf right? And you’re Bad Wolf! Plus it’s an adorable and, technically, an original name!”

“Ok then.” Rose replied smiling. She turned to the baby as it sat there with its big brown eyes and its adorable, pink little cheeks.

“Hello Siberian. Welcome to the world.”