Techivita’s Note: I just realized I really like writing about people knocking into each other. Also analyzing words. For the sake of your privacy, I changed the name of the guy of you like to Orfeo (Sorry, was doing music history homework when doing this and it was the first name that came to mind.) Literally the only thing I had in mind when you told me to write a story on “Boyfriends” was the drink. So yea. Here you go.

Boyfriend With Mango Stars

Written by Techivita – Requested by Amy T. 

What was a boyfriend? Amy never did understand what it was. A boyfriend. It was a drink from Yaya’s, that’s a definite. A mango with lychee, white tea drink, (Which is always good with mango stars) but, not the drink but instead the regular use of the word. Boy. Friend. A guy who was your friend? She had plenty of those. But they were friends. According to society’s definition a “boyfriend” was someone you date. What was dating? You just eat dinner with the person you like. Sure she could do that. She could get the person she liked to eat with her. But that wasn’t “dating”, that was just eating-with-the-guy-you-like.

Amy walked down the corridor towards her Japanese class. She clutched onto her books for dear life as she strolled passed the hordes of people who were blocked by the few couples who were making out in the middle of the hallway. Is that what couples did all the time? She shook her head, trying to move her bangs away from her face. Unfortunately, they just subsided back to blocking her left eye. She groaned in frustration as she walked quicker towards her destination. The beell was going to ring soon, she was sure of it. She defiantly did not want to be late today. Not today. She had a test. She groaned just remembering it. All that kanji and different forms, not to mention the vocabulary words just made her head spin. She was almost clear of the horde of peo-

“Oof” Amy fell back and felt her books drop out of her hands and her glasses fall off of her face. All she could see what a blue of blue and tan. She scrambled around, looking for her glasses until she felt a hand on her face holding her still and her glasses sliding into place. When she could see again, she saw the person she had been too scared to ever talk to.

“I’m so sorry Amy, here let me help you up.” Orfeo said. Amy felt the blood rise to her cheeks as she took his hands and got up. Orfeo gave her the books before hugging her, then running towards his class.

“I’ll see you later.” He said with a cheeky grin. Amy stood there, bewildered by what just happened. Suddenly she had an epiphany.

She realized why the “Boyfriend” at Yayas was actually called a ‘boyfriend’. Because a boyfriend would be sweet as fruit, strong as tea, combined with what the person ordering would put in. She was the mango stars. He was the mango and lychee flavored tea. Together they would be the perfect combination.