Techivita’s Note: This turned out longer than expected. But once you get an idea, you really can’t stop until you’re finished. I tried being as accurate as possible from my memory, so hopefully this is accurate in the Pokémon universe. I believe I’m trying to use the Red/Blue/Yellow versions, so yea. Enjoy.

Into The Sky

Written by Techivita – Requested by Anisah A. 

It was another beautiful day in Viridian forest. The sun gleamed down from the small cracks within the treetops. Pikachu didn’t know where to go, but she was bound to find something interesting around here; especially because trainers would randomly drop items and even berries near here.

She lay on her back as a few pidgeys flew by. Sometimes she wished she could fly; being drifted by the winds and seeing the sky above the treetops. She never did actually see what was up there. She knew it was blue because she saw it whenever the cracks in the trees dimmed down. But she wanted to see all of it; the sky, the sun, everything. If only she could fly.

She hear a ruffle in the bushes and she sat up, looking around making sure that there were no Nidokings nearby. She hoped this wasn’t one of the mating grounds they had because if she did, she would be in big trouble.

Another rustle in the bushes. She was starting to get nervous. What was going on?

Suddenly a boy with a red cap and a yellow back pack came out.

“Ha! I’ve got you now! Go Charmander!” He shouted. He took a red and white circular object and tossed it on the ground. A red beam flashed in front of their eyes and there was a Charmander in place of the ball he just threw.

Pikachu moved to her combat stance. She didn’t like where this was going. A stranger, out of nowhere, coming to beat her up. Not cool.

“Charmander use dig!” The boy cried. The Charmander looked menacingly towards the Pikachu and then started digging downwards with his claws. Pikachu tried running into the hole, but the Charmander covered it up after him.

She growled at the trainer, trying to show that she was not afraid of whatever he was doing.

Suddenly from within the depths of the earth, Charmander swiped at Pikachu, knocking her back. She was knocked to the ground as Charmander retreated back to his trainer, waiting for his next order. She could feel the cuts that Charmander had bore into her body. She was feeling weak. She needed to get away.

She had to run.

Pikachu dashed off as fast as possible towards one of the trees to try to get away from the trainer.

“Hey! That’s not fair! Get back!” The boy cried. “Charmander use ember!”

Charmander quickly ran after her, took a big gulp of air, and spat flames towards her. She cried out as the flames scorched her back fur, but she needed to get away. However the trainer and his Charmander kept gaining on her. One more attack and she would faint and be prone to be captured. She didn’t want to leave Viridian. She loved the place and she didn’t want to be captured, possible just to be put, electronically, into a box and kept there till the end of time. She would never be able to live with herself if she let that happen. She had to press on,

get away.

“Charmander use smoke screen!” The trainer yelled.

She didn’t turn back but the entire forest seemed to be filled with a black hazy smoke. It smelled of ash and dust and made her want to choke. She didn’t know which way to turn. Each way only led to more hazy fog. She could be going directly towards the trainer for all she knew.

“Charmander you almost got her! Use ember again!”

She turned around frantically. She didn’t know where to go. She saw the flame coming towards her.

She was frozen in shock.

She didn’t know what to do.

“Move!” she thought. “MOVE!”

She could feel the heat of the flame on her fur.

She closed her eyes.

There was no burning sensation. No smell of burnt flesh. However she didn’t feel anything underneath her feet.

Pikachu opened her eyes. Instead of the ground, she saw an over head view of the trainer and his Charmander.

“DAMN YOU PIDGEOTTO!” The trainer yelled as he shook his fist with anger.

Pikachu looked up to see a large talon around her waist and a majestic looking Pidgeotto carrying her higher and higher.

They flew above the branches and past the treetops until there was only the blue sky above and the treetops below.

Pikachu looked in awe as she finally saw the fluffy white things in the sky and felt the warm sunshine on her fur.

“You… you… saved me… thanks…” Pikachu said as Pidgeotto dropped her upon the highest branch above the high hanging leaves.

Pidgeotto nodded. “I couldn’t have just let you go like that, you looked terribly scared.”

Pikachu looked again towards the sky in awe.

“You never did see the sky before had you?” He asked.

Pikachu shook her head. “Never. But this is beautiful! Thank you so much!”

She ran over and hugged him. He embraced the hug and they stood there looking up towards the sky. She felt warm underneath his feathers and the sun that shone above them.

She had finally done it.

She was in the sky.