Techivita's Note: I may have accidentally over dramatized it, but hey, like I know anything about skating. 

Triple Axel

Written by Techivita – Requested by Matthew K.

She watched as the ice gleamed as the Zamboni passed over the crack ridden ice. The Zamboni restored the ice back to its gleaming, shininess as it passed over it. The workers reopened the doors once the Zamboni was off the ice and the entire ice sheet was smooth once again.

Victoria timidly stepped on the ice once again, as she has done many times before. The slipperiness of the re-done ice was nothing new to her, but it still made her unbalanced. She held onto the railings for dear life as she drew a slow breath of cool misty air. She shivered, feeling the cold metal railings against her hand.

“Maybe I should go home.” She thought.

She checked her watch underneath her heavy jacket. It was 8:55pm. She would have to get home soon or else she would get another lecture from her mom. But the ice was so smooth. So perfect to skate on.

She started drifting a bit towards the middle. Each motion of moving forward glided her towards the speed she needed. One step. Two step. She was almost at the right speed. She sped past the other people in the rink. Nothing would stop her now. She had to do it. Right timing, and she could do this.

She turned inside, feeling the wind swooping around her body faster and faster. This was it. She had to do it or else she would lose the momentum.

She jumped.

One spin. She was rising. Two spins. She was falling. Did she have enough for the last one? She had to do it.

Three spins.

Brace for impact.


She did it. A triple axle. After all these months of practice and she did it. Everyone else in the rink stared at her in awe and clapped. She felt the blood rise to her cheeks as she bowed.

It was 9:00pm.

Sure, she would get yelled at by her mom, but who cares? She’s done it.

A triple axle.

Game over.