Techivita’s Note: Sorry that this took so long. I kinda got stuck on this one for a bit because I didn't really know how the story was to unfold. I finally finished it yesterday, and didn't have time to post it up. I would have done more, but I couldn't do much when we got report cards. Hope you like it!

Hear the DOO WEE OOO

Written by Techivita – Requested by Mymoena D.

Another boring afternoon. Brilliant. And it was only Monday too.

Mymoena sat quietly in her math class slowly doodling away to her heart’s content. Today was just not the day to listen to people talk about math. Not when it was a regular bell schedule and having English the next period. Especially on a Monday. Nope. Can’t do it. Nopenopenopenopenope. She needed to get out of here. THIS IS SO GOD DAMN BORING! No one wants to learn about bloody-

There was a noise.

Mymoena looked around, trying to find the source of the sound. She swore she heard some kind of wheezing… it sounded so familiar too…

There it was again.

Mymoena poked Ashley who was besides her and managed to get away with sleeping for the past thirty minutes.

“Psst! Ash!” Mymoena whispered.

Ashley slowly toward the direction of the noise as she slowly woke up.

“Could you not? I didn’t have coffee…” Ashley replied lackadaisically, only opening one eye to see.

“Did you hear that?” Mymoena replied, still searching.

“Hear what?” Ashley asked.

The whooshing sound could be heard again.

“That!” Mymoena said excitedly “I’m so sure it’s the TARDIS!!!”

“Meh you check it. I’ll resume sleeping.” Ashley replied “If you find the Doctor, tell him to get me out of this hell hole. Ashley dropped her head onto her desk and resumed sleeping.

Mymonea asked to leave then walked out, leaving her sleeping friend behind. The Doctor could have appeared anywhere and she was defiantly not going to be checking all ten floors. She started walking towards the yellow lockers.

A dalek’s scream pierced the air.

She followed the sound until it went away. She was near the chorus rooms now, and she was pretty sure that none of the chorus teachers would show Doctor Who in any of their classes, especially Mrs. Bishop.

She turned right and down the corridor past the vocal office.

A sonic screwdriver buzz.

She ran until she lost the trail. She lost it again.

“Dammit” she muttered silently. She was so close. She checked her watch hoping the bell wouldn’t ring soon.


“Shit” Mymonea thought, searching frantically down the corridor. Two minutes to find the Doctor.

Cybermen’s footsteps.

She knew where it came from now.

Red lockers.

Room 413.

She peered into the room and saw a single smartboard blasting out the theme tune she knew and loved. The time vortex spun within the screen, with the blue police box swirling around and around inside it. She squeed with happiness as the people inside the room turned to see the red headed girl jumping up and down for joy, singing the theme tune with a passion.

“See Mrs. This is what happens when you show that show.” A student from within the class said “All the nerds come flocking!”

The jazz started playing from above.