Techitiva’s Note: I feel like I haven’t done this story justice. Like seriously this should be MORE INTENSE, but sadly I wrote this when I was bored in SAT class so I don’t know. Plus I do not know how relationships work. I’m assuming this is what happens… I was supposed to put this out months ago, but there was one part that troubled me. (you’ll know when you see it) I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!!

Baby Please Don’t Go

Written by Techivita – Requested by Mary A.

“Alex don’t leave me.” Matthew said. He grabbed onto his blue hoodie for his dear life. “I don’t want to go.”

They were on the station at Kings Highway as light drizzles of rain dropped down from the heavens. Matthew and Alex stood underneath the canopy of the station as a few gusts of wind blew by.

“Matt, I don’t want to leave either, but I have to.” Alex replied staring deeply into Matthew’s hazel eyes. “But you know how my mom is going to react if you come with me.”

Matthew wanted to stay with him. He didn’t want to move to Washington. Not now. Not when he’s found the one he’s been looking for.

“But Alex” Matthew whined “At least a few more minutes. Or at least find a way so I don’t have to move away.”

Another gust of wind blew past the two, piercing their faces with cold, wet droplets of unforgiving rain. Matthew wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist, brining Alex’s body closer to his. Alex felt warmth rise to his face and in return wrapped his arms around Matt.

“I’ll find a way.” Alex replied looking straight into Mattew’s hazel eyes.

Matthew leaned his head onto Alex’s head, blocking the wind from blowing into their faces. Alex felt warmer. He closed his eyes and smiled. He’d remember this day unti-

Something warm touched his lips. Alex didn’t dare open his eyes. The cold seemed to dissipate away as the warmth spread from his mouth to the rest of his body. Their lips locked in perfect harmony, keeping in time with one another. He felt the warmth travel from his lips to the rest of his body as they stood in the eye of the snow, as if the cold could not penetrate the inseparable bond they had.

As quickly as it happened, it ended. Matthew shied away and looked towards the B train that slowly approached the station. He looked into Alex’s cocoa colored eyes, begging for him not to go. Alex shook his head and quickly pecked him on the cheek. He looked hopelessly as Alex walked into the train. Alex could see the tears forming in Matthew’s eyes (Or was it rain?) as the train doors closed.

Alex dolefully waved as the train departed from the station. Matthew watched until the trail of the tail lights disappeared from view.

That was it.

He was gone.

It was the last time they saw each other.