Techivita's Note: So, I've been having a few friend issues lately and while listening to Les Miserables music, this popped into my head…

Choosing Sides

Written by Techivita on 1/6/13

An endless tug of war

Fighting with no clear ending.

There’s no black or white,

No right or wrong, no clear answer.

Only muddled truths and twisted lies,

Deceit, backstabbing and blackmail.

They tug at my soul until it slowly unravels

Like fabric being torn apart by little children.

Ripping me apart until I am in two

Broken, lying on the floor, unable to be used.

Seeing there is no more use in me, they leave.

I’m left alone, thinking about my past.

I could have gone another path

Another way, different people, freedom without choices.

But now I can’t even see another dawn.

Only a black hole of darkness.