Techivita's Note: So recently flappy bird, the internet sensation of frustration and anger, was taken off of app stores, making any phone with the game on it much more expensive. So I write you this. An Ode To Flappy Bird. Enjoy!

An Ode To Flappy Bird

Written by Techivita on 2/9/14

Red, orange, yellow and blue

All began flying with ease

However when I tapped you

You flew up, then dove into the sea.


Large lips and small wings,

Too improportional to fly.

I doubt you can even sing

Natural selection should have left you to die.


Knocking into green pipelines

Too stupid to fly on your own.

I’ve already played this too many times.

This app should really just go.


Although you make me aggravated

At least you keep my boredom sated.