Techivita's Note: So I found this gem while I was rummaging through my various data storage trying to find a video of my friend doing a solo in middle school (which I still have not managed to find unfortunately), and I managed to find this. I don't remember what I wrote this for, but I think I wrote this out of pure boredom. This was actually a two parted story, but it seems that either I didn't write the second part or it's been erased from my drive. When I read over this, I realized that I have greatly feminized my male history teacher. I don't know what I was trying to do in the past, but whatever. He was a really nice teacher anyway (except for the tons of tests he gave).  This was actually before I really got into sci-fi and stuff, so I'm surprised that I even wrote about this topic, let alone something about history. Oh and also there's gore. Gore is good. Anyway I'll leave you to this to read. Just know that this is my 6th grade self writing, so I wasn't really good at the whole "english" stuff yet. (Also there's not that much continuity and imagery as I would have liked) Nonetheless, Enjoy!

P.S. - Whale is an actual nickname for my brother (or at least I'm gonna keep using it for now on)

P.S.S - I've changed all of the names so that no one knows who these people are. Mwahaha?

Julius Caesar And His Dead Past

Written by a 6th grade Techivita

“All right everybody. Please begin your test.” Mr. M said. It was June 3rd and class 6M4 was having a test on Ancient Rome.

“Darn!” I thought in my head as I flipped over my test paper. “I forgot to study!”

As Mr. M passed my desk a small little silver pocket watch dropped onto the floor dead in his tracks.

“What is this?” he said as he picked up the small, silver pocket watch.

“Um …” I said uncomfortably as Mr. M examined the little pocket watch. “I got it from my great – great grandmother.”

“She must be a very kind and giving great – great grandmother to give you such a grand pocket watch.”Mr. M said.

I was actually lying when I had said that, because I did not actually get it from my great – great grandmother. I had found this pocket watch in the attic when I had moved. My brother, Whale, had accidentally set it to the time of the dinosaurs and we had ended up being chased by a T- Rex until Whale had found a way to get us back to our own time. I have no idea how this time machine works, but I do know that every time you set the watch to a time and a date you will go forwards or back in time. Then a very bluish greenish fog surrounds you and a bright flash appears and you and the watch disappear. Before anybody notices you are gone a clone of you appear were you were standing before.

“Hey! This is not the correct time! Let me fix it for you.” Mr. M said.

“No!” I said, but it was too late. Mr. M had turned the knob and suddenly a bluish- green fog surrounded us.

“What is happening? Help! Help!” Mr. M shouted.

“I forgot to tell you.” I said, “This is not an ordinary watch! It is a time machine! When you turned the knob you had set it to a date back in time!”

“I will have to lower your grade because you got us into this mess!” Mr. M said “Or at least when we get back to our own time!”

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” we screamed as we started to fall. Our clothes had been replaced with a white toga with a white strap. “You must have set the time to the Roman or Greek times!”

Suddenly there was a loud thud. The fog had disappeared and we were standing in the middle of Julius Caesar’s court. Mr. M’s mouth was wide open and his eyes were fixed on the podium. We sat down.

“What does the watch say?” Mr. M whispered.

“It says 44 BC.” I whispered back to him.

“All rise for the great Julius Ceaser!” a voice called. Everybody stood. Julius Caesar walked in. “Servant! Bring me a goblet of wine!” Julius Ceaser yelled.

“Um… um…” the servant stumbled “Yes your honor.”. The servant trailed off like he was worried about something.

“So this is why everyone wanted to get rid of him.” I thought. The servant had come back with the goblet of wine except there was a grin on his face.

“That’s strange.” I thought “A minute ago he looked like a person who was going to do a solo in front of everybody in the U.S., and now he looks like he is going to grin his face off.”

The servant gave Julius Caesar the wine. “Ahhhhhhh. So refreshing.”

“Sire we have bought you gifts.” said the senate.

“Ahhhhhhh. So you have. Bring it here.” said Julius Caesar.

Suddenly he started choking. “Ahhhhhhh! Help me! Help me!” Julius Caesar wheezed. Suddenly the senate started stabbing him. The bloody mess dripped on each of the senates’ tunics. A pool surrounded the once known dictator. They crunched his bones until they were all were broken. The senate stabbed him until there was nothing more than a bloody corpse.

I sat there wide eyed and watched the bloody mess splash everywhere. “This is too disgusting. I am going under the bench to hide. Is that ok with you Mr. M? Mr. M? Mr. M!” I said.

“Help!” a voice cried. It was Mr. M! Looks like the senate has chosen him as the next victim.

“NO!” I yelled as I grabbed Mr. M away before they got a chance to stab him.

“Hey you get back here!” a man called. We ran down the streets while many gladiators started chasing us.

“Run faster!” I told Mr. M.

“Over here!” he whispered. I slipped in through the crack in the wall.

“We have to get out of here! FAST!” Mr. M whispered.

“Its not working!” I whispered back to him. “Great were stuck being chased by a bunch of senators, having no idea where we are, being stuck back in time, and it is all your fault!” Mr. M wailed.

“How is it my fault? You were the one who set the clock back in time.” I yelled at him.

“You were the one who brought the time machine to school!” he yelled back at me.

“Well if you -” I started. Mr. M started to point to the back of the me. I slowly turned around and the sight of fierce roman gladiators greeted me.

“Gulp.” I said nervously.

We backed away slowly, hoping the gladiators wouldn’t notice. They did. They stared charging at us.

“Yikes!” I screamed. There was a dead end behind us and a mob of gladiators in the front of us.

“How convenient!” said Mr. M. There was a ladder on the dead end that lead to the top.

“Yay!” I said. As we got closer the ladder faded away.

“I thought that mirages only happened in the desert.” I said puzzled.”

“Well all I know is that I want to say my will.” wailed Mr. M. He cleared his throat. “I am about to die by being trampled, spiked, punched, stabbed and kicked. I would like to be burned before I am buried. I would like to be put in a pink, clay jar and -” Mr. M began.

“Come on! Climb the wall!” I said. While Mr. M was doing his very soppy speech, I had noticed that there were many bumps and cracks in the dead end. It almost looks like a rock wall.

“All the way up there?” Mr. M wailed.

“Just think that it is a rock climbing wall.” I said.

“Well that is no help. I am afraid of heights!” Mr. M wailed.

“Get them!” a guard yelled. When we got to the top, the pocket watch down the other side of the wall.

“No!” I screamed as I fell down to catch it. “Ow!” I shouted as I landed onto the soft hay. “Well at least I landed on this nice soft hay instead on the rock hard ground.”

Then, suddenly Mr. M landed on top of me. “OW!” I said even louder.

“Sorry.” Mr. M said. Then all the senators and gladiators that had been chasing us had landed on us.

“Well lucky YOU don’t have to be stuck at the bottom!” I said.

“YAY!” said Mr. M.


We were dragged into the Coliseum. After, we were locked up somewhere, where many people were looking at us.

“Does this day have to get ANY worse?” I said.

“Um… I think it already has.” Mr. M said. I looked behind me. There was a lion standing right behind us with it’s mouth WIDE open, it’s eyes concentrating on us, it’s claws curling and uncurling, it’s mane covered with human blood, it was licking it’s lips, and it was ready to pounce.

“Yikes!” I screamed. It pounced. We escaped just in time before the lion tore us into shreds.

“Great, now we are stuck in the Colosseum, being chased by a lion and – we are going to DIE!” Now Mr. M was crying and running for his life at the same time.

“Sheesh!” He is a teacher, but he has a BIG emotional problem.” I thought to myself. The spectators started to get bored because the lion had not killed us. He sent the lion to his cage and he sent us to our cage. “Why? Why did Mr. M not mind his own business? WHY?” I said to myself. I had started to bang on the metal bars. Then suddenly, a BIG portal started sucking us up.

“Ahhhhhhh!” we both screamed.

Then, there was a big thump. We looked around. We saw many people who looked like the ancient Romans, but they were glowing.

“What? You won’t bow to Jupiter, the king of the gods?” said a voice.

“Um… we are not from these parts. We have studied you gods in books and…  You see um we sort of got trapped back in time and well now we are stuck here.”  I started to cry.

“Oh and who is that?” said the god.

“Um … that is my Social studies teacher, Mr. M.” I replied.

“Has he been teaching you about the roman gods?” said Jupiter.

“Yes he has.” I said.

“Well if you can answer two questions I will give you a wish. One for each of you.” said Jupiter.

“Techivita… ” a voice whispered. “What? “I asked Mr. M

“Um … If you could get the questions right I could make your grades higher.” asked Mr. M.

“You don’t have to persuade me to do it. I want to go back to class too.” I said. “Ok. I’ll answer your questions”

“Ok. The first question. Who is my wife?” Jupiter said.

“Let’s see… I know! Her name is Juno!” I said.

“You are correct. You have one wish. Now for the last question. Who is the god of fire, blacksmiths and craftsmanship?” said Jupiter.

“Um… let’s see… I know! It isVulcan!” I said.

“That is correct. Now what would you like to wish for?” Jupiter asked.

“I would like my time machine to be fixed.” I answered.

“Done and what would you like to wish for Mr. M?” Jupiter asked.

“I want to go back to my work.” Mr. M wailed.

“Done there is a portal over there so you can go home and you just need to wait for an hour and the time machine will be fine. Good bye now and take care of yourselves.” said Jupiter.

“Thank you. Good bye!” we said as we stepped into the portal. Suddenly there was a bright flash and we were back in Mr. M’s classroom.

“Like I promised you, I will make your grades higher.” he said and he walked away.

“I am never EVER going to bring my time machine back to school.” I thought to myself. “Not even if it makes my grades higher.”