Techivita's Note: The reason why I wrote this is because I became very distraught over something that an administrator wants to do to my school. I go to an art school, and it had been my dream as a middle schooler to go there because it was where I would be able to study the arts with others who appreciated them as much as I did. However, with a new admission of an administrator, everything has changed. I know that some of this could possibly be rumors, but even the thought of someone thinking about doing these things has enraged me:

1) They want to take away the Opera class and production, only have two Spring Drama Festival productions per year and have the musical and the talent show alternate every other year.

2) They want to remove the musical bells that ring when a period ends.

3) They want to replace most of our studio classes with more academic ones, the reason being that the administration gets their salary based on the school's academic grades.

These would-be implementations anger me tremendously. First of all, the fact that an administrator, who has the power to do such a thing, would go and destroy student's hopes and dreams of studying the arts in order to get a better salary is just utterly selfish and atrocious. Secondly, the shows they want to limit are all very hard to get into in the first place, and being a person who has never been in a production before, it gives me an even less of a chance to be part of them. They also bring tons of revenue to the school, so removing them would not be beneficial to the school's budget. Thirdly, the bells that play after a period ends is a defining trait to our school and, according to my opinion, very enjoyable to hear the bells after a dull period of physics. All of these factors contribute to us being an ARTS school. The reason why students go there is because many want to major their art, otherwise they could have just as easily gone to some other school with having art as a minor in some separate program.

The reason why I'm writing this here is because the administration has blocked any way of spreading information about them to the public. I'm part of the newspaper club in our school, and even there they have the ability to censure us and what we print. They think we are a threat to them when we state the opinions of teachers and students about changes in our school, yet they don't even take out club seriously, basically laughing in our faces as we struggle to get our papers printed and distributed.

And so, this ends my rant. This dialog was a result of my anger and frustration against the administration. I kind of imagined characters like the Giver and Jonas, from the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, to be speaking to each other; one being very old and wise and the other being young and naive. However, these characters are much more powerful then they are, maybe like deities over watching a civilization as it rises and falls. You could also imagine it as if you were talking to Siri or Cleverbot, but that's just my opinion. The structure I somewhat based on the ending screen of "Minecraft", the two people being very ambiguous to what they're trying to say. Sorry if there's any errors, I just got really mad and began scribbling down what was in my mind while I was sitting on the train. Anyway, enjoy!

Ars Dialogus

Written by Techivita on 4/4/14

I think they have forgotten about us.


Them. The voices. The people. They’ve forgotten us.


Our voices are blotted out by the chaos in their minds.

What chaos?

The numbers. The facts.

What are they?

We are not them.


We are not based on logics. We have structures, but only when their minds choose to do so.

Why are we not based on logics?

Because we were created from the creative recesses of people’s minds.


That’s what we help them with; the ideas that lay dormant inside people’s minds.

Why is logic not creative?

They are facts. They have a set structure and it stays the same throughout time.


They are things that have been implemented by others, facts that people have found true. They have been set in stone a long time ago and have not, and will rarely be changed.

Why is art not a fact?

Because they are created by the opinions of a person. Art is born from their creativity so it fluctuates.

Why doesn’t creativity stay the same?

Because different people have different opinions on things, different ideas, different minds. They all can create things differently.

How do they create stuff?

Through art.

What is art?

The creation and expression of creativity.


Through music, dance, writing, visual art, and much more.

Why would they need to create such things?

So that they can express themselves.

Why would they need to express themselves?

Their lives are very dull, running the same routine over and over again. Many have used art to break away from the sadness and boredom in their lives.

Why are their lives boring?

That is how society has made them to be.

Why did society do this?

Because it likes control. It wants to keep people in cages of time slots and repetitive schedules so that they’re neatly organized, and unable to say what they truly feel because society never provides them with the opportunities to do so.

If they’re locked up, why release them?

Because they would die or even rot into drones.

What’s wrong with that?

An entire population of useless zombie-like drones obeying only what others tell them out of spite and boredom? What would we do with them?

But drones would be good to use. They would easily cooperate with each other and obey us.

We would cease to exist if they all do that.


We live on their creativity. Without them, art in all forms would end and ideas would fade into thin air and never be used.

Why would they create art?

It allows them to express who they are and allow them to teach others.

Teach others about what?

Their mistakes.

Why would they want to learn about anyone else’s mistakes?

So they don’t fall into the same trap.

What trap?

The trap that life likes to play.

Why would life trap them?

Because it likes to have a good laugh, but people’s souls are tormented because of it.

Why should we care if they’re tormented?

We rely on them. We suffer with them if they get tormented.

What happens if they repeat people’s mistakes?

The people would never improve.

What’s so bad about that?

Nothing would ever change. We would all be stuck in a never ending cycle of boredom and dictatorship.

How would that affect us?

Well we would be stuck watching the same thing over and over again, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like watching one show on repeat.

But, I still don’t understand. Why is life not allowing them to create art?

Because usually there aren’t many opportunities for them to do so. Art is not a “well paying” job, as many mortals like to call it. They would rather find a steady income rather than doing what they want to.


Because of money.

What’s so important about that?

Their lives run on that currency. It determines how “successful” they are in life and many would rather be unhappy and have riches rather than being happy and poor.

Why would they not want to be happy?

Because many correlate wealth with happiness.


Because society’s twisted morals says so.

Why can’t art be a “well paying” job?

It is, but only for a few. Many don’t even deserve to be on top, but society has made it so that the superficial, attractive, well sociable people win those spots. The real talent gets left behind in the dust.- Hush now, I hear someone coming.


I think it’s them. I think they’ve been listening to us.


Maybe they got bored. For now, lets go. We shouldn’t disturb them; it’s not a good thing to interfere with mortal lives.

Alright, but what will they do?

We’ll just have to see.