Techivita's Note: So I had to take an AP test today and this is what I wrote in order to try to help me calm down. Didn't work, but posting this anyway to buffer a requested story I wanted to post but can't really post today.

Periculum Suscipe: Take the Risk

Written by Techivita on 5/9/14


Alarm rings, eyes open

Sluggishly you awaken.

Muddled thoughts, not much

And then it clicks:

“It’s today”.


Rushing out, heart beating,

Short breaths, eyes filled with fear.

Waiting impatiently for the train

All your thoughts say:

“It’s today”.


Tying to remember what you had learned

Scanning your mind for information

Nothing comes up

All you remember is:

“It’s today”. 


Alighting, you run out

Counting the minutes that tick by

Only a few minutes left.

You can’t be late because:

“It’s today”.


Waiting when you’re seated

Fiddling with your pencil

You try to remember the information

But still nothing, only:

“It’s today”.


Fear knots your stomach,

Sweat accumulates on your brow.

You open your test booklet.

It’s now.

“It’s today”.


Just breathe.