Techivita's Note: Sorry -to the person who requested this- that this story took so long to produce. I've never really written a full fight scene before, so I just did a lot of reviewing before I put this up. Just a heads up, this story contains mild profanity and is much darker than some of my usual stories. Sorry if I got anything about Starbucks wrong, but I literally only go there for Frappy Hour. Also, sorry for making almost everyone in here sound just a tad bit too sadistic but hey, what's a fight story without some bloodthirsty characters? Anyway enjoy!

The Coffee Vendetta

Written by Techivita – Requested by Anonymous

Ashley was having a pretty shitty day. Not only did her parents ban her from using the internet for a year, they also took away the internet from her phone.


No Tumblr.

No celebrities.

No Doctor Who.

No Sherlock.

No Walking Dead.

Only the outernet.

The scary, un-entertaining, drama-filled outernet.

She walked quietly into Starbucks, waited on the long queue and quickly ordered her drink, trying not to annoy the barista in her irritated state. She then stomped over to the end of the large counter to wait for her drink to be made, and begged the gods that hopefully the barista got her order and her name right so that at least something in this universe would go right for her today. The words “no internet” still looped in her mind as she slowly watched other customers pick up their drinks and leave.

Her parents were totes insane. Once she was under house arrest for nearly a year, basically taking away the little bit of social life she had. All she did was hang out with friends and get food! Every high schooler does that! And now they’re trying to get rid of the internet for no reason whatsoever! What’s the internet going to do? Convince her that she should do cocaine if Benedict Cumberbatch was doing it? Well… it is Brandenburg Cumberwub, but there was no way she would do coke.

The internet was her life. It was the only thing that kept her heart beating one day more. The thing that connected her to everyone she knew in existence, and kept her from spiralling into complete insanity. She needed it to drive her troubles of the real world away. Can’t her parents just let her be happy for once?

The only thing that could possibly cheer her up at the moment was a caramel frappuccino, and she was becoming more and more impatient as the seconds ticked by. She leaned against the wall, feeling irked as she watched the Starbucks employees prepare her drink. She saw one of them fumbling with the caramel bottle, trying to pump out every last drop. He tapped on another employee’s shoulder and Ashley saw the man shrug and mouth the words “no more”. The man then closed the cover to the drink and she watched as he brought it over to the front counter.

“Venti caramel frappuccino with extra whipped cream!” The barista shouted as he put the drink down on the counter top. Ashley grabbed the drink and swiftly stabbed a straw through the overflowing whipped cream. Good thing that she had the last one. Without coffee in the morning she would probably explode from anger and frustration.

“What the hell are you doing?” A voice behind her shouted.

Ashley quickly turned around to find two girls angrily glaring at her. One had blond hair that gently blew through the wind from the door opening and closing behind Ashley, and blue eyes that were the color of the sky. The other was a girl with dark brown hair and eyes whose stare shot a thousand daggers into Ashley’s soul.

Kymmie and Justine.

Ashley wasn’t in the mood to argue with them. She had ordered this drink and it was the last one so she was going to have it and at least make her day a tad bit better. She was definitely not going to let them take the last bit of happiness she had.

“Just ignore them.” Ashley thought to herself as she started walking towards the exit with a newfound energy. This wasn’t the first time she had encountered the pair. They all used to be really good pals, but with all the backstabbing and lies that went around in their circle of friends, everyone just seemed to hate each other now. Therefore, she had distanced herself from everyone and escaped through the portal of the interwebs. However, now that she was forced to deal with the outernet, this cycle of deceit would have to continue, and with it her so-called “friends”.  

“Hey!” Justine shouted, “I’m talking to you!” She quickly rushed over and stood in front of the exit, preventing Ashley from successfully escape from her perpetrators.

“What?” Ashley replied irritably, giving a piercing glare as she chewed on the straw of her coffee.

“That’s my drink.” Kymmie replied, annoyed by the fact that Ashley was starting to contaminate the coffee with her ‘mouth sweat’.

Your drink?” Ashley replied, amused by the fact that Kymmie was even trying to annoy her. “Bitch please, I went on that long ass line, took my god damn money out and paid for this god damn drink myself. Your drink? Your drink? Ha! This is a new low for you Kymmie. Trying to steal frappuccinos from people. Real cute.”

“Yea right. Funny shit Ash.” Justine replied, glaring at brunnete “Your usual lows are a lot lower than this one.”

“Oh no she didn’t” Ashley thought to herself. She was totes not going to take their shit any longer. As these thoughts ran through her mind, her left hand coiled up into a ball and smacked Kymmie straight on the cheek. Kymmie recoiled, an absolutely mortified expression plastering her face as she gave a shocked exhale. Ashley stood there with a sadistic grin on her face, while Justine took this pause to punch Ashley in her stomach, causing her to drop the drink out of her hand. The three watched in horror as the drink hit the floor, causing foam, coffee and caramel to splatter everywhere, covering their shoes and even the bottom of their trousers.

“Good job retard” Justine said with a taint of sardonic venom, “You dropped Kymmie’s drink and got it on my shoes. They were new. You owe me for that.”

“Oh nah.” Ashley retorted as she tackled Justine and pinned her down to the ground. Justine struggled underneath her, squirming as Ashley pinned down her hands to prevent her from getting any leverage. “You did not just say that.”

Suddenly Ashley felt a powerful blow against her ribcage, loosening her grip on her prey. Justine rolled out of the way as Ashley collapsed to the floor, panting as she struggled to get up. Kymmie flipped Ashley around, so that Ashley’s back was pressed against the floor and began throwing a series of punches towards Ashley’s face. Ashley tried to protect herself by shielding her face with her arms, but she could already start to feel the blood slowly drip out of her nose.

Justine stood next to her associate, smiling with a devilish glee as she watched Ashley suffer beneath Kymmie’s grasp. Some of the onlookers began to call for help and rushed out of the store, while others began filming the fight on their phones in hope of getting millions of views on Youtube. Two baristas rushed over to try to separate the group, but Justine blocked their way, giving a low growl as she watched the two baristas back off in fear to cover behind one of the counters.

Ashley still struggled to get back on her feet, but Kymmie wouldn’t allow her. Ashley started to feel her face numb as Kymmie kept throwing her cavalcade of relentless punches. Ashley wanted to run away from the embarrassment of getting wrecked by the one she despised the most. It would be a terrible wound in her pride. Her body ached and begged her to get back on her feet, but she just didn’t have the physical capability to do so.

“How does it feel you shit?” Kymmie growled viciously at her, a sadistic smile growing on her face. “How does it feel to be a weak little bitch?”

Ashley found some strength in Kymmie’s insults and managed to break free, kneeing her in her stomach and rolling out of the way as Kymmie fell to the floor, her eyes filled with shock.

Ashley chuckled at seeing Kymmie lying on the ground, however, Ashley forgot about Justine, who took the opportunity to punch her in the rib cage once again. Ashley winced at the pain, keeping one eye open as she watched Kymmie get up from the ground. She watched her attackers advance towards her, ruthless grins spreading across their faces, as she backed away to try to assess how badly the two had damaged her.

Ashley could feel the blood run down her nose as it fell to the tiled floor with a small ‘plink’. There was also a piercing pain near her ribcage signaling a possible broken rib. Her breathing was short and with each inhale she felt a searing pain that made her feel dizzy and out of balance. Her eyes glanced back and forth from Kymmie to Justine, watching their advances as if they were weeping angels trying to teleport her into the past.

“Crap” Ashley muttered under her breath. Justine chuckled at this as the two kept advancing towards her.

“You scared punk?” Justine snarled, snickering at the sight of Ashley slowly backing up into a wall. “You ready to apologize, or should we fuck up your pretty little face?”

“How about neither.” Ashley retorted as she reached into her pocket in desperation to try to find anything to throw at her attackers.

“Oh really?” Kymmie snickered, breaking into Ashley’s personal space as Ashley pressed her back as far as she could against the wall. “How about both?”

“Again, you uncultured muggle, I said neither.” Ashley sneered. Ashley pulled out two long, black metal rods that were attached to each other by a small clasp at the end. Ashley undid the clasp and flipped the rods open, revealing the blade between them.

The butterfly knife gleamed in the sunlight, it’s smooth, silver surface reflecting Ashley’s sadistic smile onto it. Its sharp tip was pointed directly at her attackers as both Justine and Kymmie started to back away from Ashley, fear replacing the sadistic gleam in their eyes.

“What?” Ashley snickered as she watched the two of them slowly retreating, “Scared to take a little pain?”

Ashley lunged towards Justine as the Kymmie dodged out of the way. Justine evaded Ashley’s first attack and proceeded to duck behind one of the tables, adjusting it to lie on the ground just as Ashley stabbed her blade into the wood. It managed to puncture the other side of the table, sending small wood chips flying into the air as it nearly pierced Justine’s head. Justine shrieked in panic as Ashley removed the blade from the table and stabbed it into another spot. Justine crawled from her table shield and backed away into the crowd of people surrounding the fight.

“Gonna be a little quim then huh?” Ashley sneered as she watched Justine run out the door and past the window outside of the coffee shop, “Fine then. I’ll deal with you later.”

Ashley then turned towards her other target and smiled with a smile that could freeze the hearts of thousands of people.

“Aw, you poor baby. Looks like your little pet is gone.” Ashley jeered as Kymmie backed up into a wall “Let see if she’ll be lost without her owner.”

Ashley lunged at Kymmie, causing a deafening screech as the blade scratched against the wall. Ashley laughed hysterically, watching as Kymmie tried to shuffle away from her in panic. Ashley pounced on top of Kymmie, managing to pin down her arms while her unoccupied hand quickly brought the blade to her throat.

“So the kitten has finally defeated the wolf.” Ashley taunted, “Oh how I’d never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“Shut up and get it over with.” Kymmie said with a slight tremble in her voice.

“Oh really? So soon? It’s not that I love our little talks… It’s just that… I don’t.”

“Just do it!”

“Oh but dear, I’d rather see you suffer. It’s much more fun.”

“What kind of sadistic bastard are you?”

“The fun kind.”

Ashley watched as the tears streaked down Kymmie’s face and heard the small, muffled wails as Ashley began to press harder into Kymmie’s neck. She heard screams and shouts from the mob around her as she levered the tip of the blade in first, slowly drawing blood from the puncture. She slowly drew the knife across Kymmie’s neck, watching as the dark red effluence began to drip out and listened as Kymmie’s wails started to get louder. Ashley smiled gleefully. Revenge was oh so sweet and she finally had the goodness at her fingertips.

“Ashley Johnson! What are you doing?” A voice from amongst the crowd shouted.

Ashley didn’t dare to turn around. She didn’t want to let Kymmie get away. Not now. Not when she was so close.

“Ashley!” another voice shouted. The second voice had a much higher pitch than the first one, but Ashley could still easily recognize who the voices came from.

Mary and Julia.

Mary knelt beside Ashley and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from digging any deeper into Kymmie’s wound. Mary glared at Ashley, her blue eyes like ice crystals that froze Ashley in place. Julia grabbed Ashley’s free arm and the two dragged her off Kymmie as Ashley squirmed and squealed, trying to make the two of them let her go.

“What are you thinking Ashley?” Julia shrieked. “Do you know how much bad press you’re gonna get? Your modeling and singing career could be ruined!”

“We’re getting you out of here. Right now.” Mary said, gritting her teeth as the two of them dragged Ashley across the wooden floor. Ashley babbled incoherent nonsense as she tried to escape from their dogged grasps. Kymmie smiled maliciously as she watched Ashley being slowly dragged away from her, reveling in the fact that she was still alive and living to see Ashley being humiliated by her two closest friends.

Ashley tried everything she could do to escape from Mary and Julia, but the two proved to be the stronger and pulled her towards the exit. However, before they managed to leave, Ashley dug her feet into the ground, making duo stop in their tracks as Ashley said her final words at that battle.

“Oh, this is not the end.” Ashley smiled viciously as she tucked the blade back into her pocket. “You may have won the battle, but definitely not the war.”

A heinous cackle could be heard as the trio left the shop.