Techivita's Note: I bet that your parents have at least once said this sort of thing to you: "You're spending too much time on your Youtube/Tumblr/Social Media and you should be studying instead", "You should be studying and not talking to your friends", "You have bad grades and it's not your teachers fault, it's yours. It's always yours.", "Why are you never studying?", "Why did you get a 99? Why didn't you get 100?", "Colleges want you to be well rounded so you have to take a ton of APs and still be able to sleep at 9pm", or "Why are you always at club? You should be studying." Pretty aggravating and paradoxical right? Anyway,  this is to the people who try their best, yet still quite never manage to succeed in the social and academic tornado we call "school".

Am I Who My Grades Say I Am?

Written by Techivita on 5/9/14

Am I who my grades say I am?

Can people really see my personality

Based on numerical grades on an official looking paper?

Am I, a physical living being,

Judged so easily by scribbles written on a dead tree?

A sheet that could make or destroy my future?

Is that representation really me?


Can they tell that I write for my enjoyment,

Because I have an average of 70’s in English?

Can they see I have a terrible middle range,

Because I have a 95 in voice?

Or can they tell that I hate history,

Because I have a 99 in that class? 


Can they see that I abhor sports

Because I have a perfect score in gym?

Can they tell that I struggle in math

Because I have around a 90 average?

And can they tell I love science

Because I’m barely passing in physics? 


Am I less of a person

Because I don’t understand how to calculate the emission of a photon?

Am I an atrocity

Because I still don’t know what parallel syntax is?

Am I worthless

Because I don’t understand how to calculate logarithms without a calculator?

Am I a waste to society

Because I don’t understand how to write a diminished 7th chord on staff paper?


Am I supposed to be perfect?

Have 100s in every class?

And a 2400 on my SAT?

Sleep at 9pm every night,

Even if I have piles of AP homework?

To never go on websites for fun

And not have a social life at all?

Is my life supposed to only consist of studying?

Never enjoying all the other things life has to offer?


Can they tell that I’m trying to survive

In a world where there are so many odds against me?

To peak my head above the drowning waves of work?

That I’m trying to do everything they ask me and more,

Just because it “looks better” on a piece of paper?

Trying to balance my social and academic life

Without suffering from sleep deprivation?


Am I really who my grades says I am?