Techivita’s Note: So just a few updates about Jorat as a series: Both Dasha and I apologize for there being no updates since the last chapter, for both of us had pretty bad writers block and Dasha had just left for college so we couldn’t get into contact that much. Now that she’s adjusting to life at college, I have to start applying to some so its been eating up a lot of my time. Truely sorry for that, but Jorat will continue don't worry!

Anyway back to the series, I wrote this for a small writing project for my AP Composition class. It’s not the same version that I wrote in class, but it’s still has the same story line. It takes place in an alternate universe where Josh and Surat are already in a relationship but have yet to tell their friends about it. I hope you enjoy and have a very happy Halloween! *evil laughter in the background*

A Jorat Halloween Special – Love and Horror

Written by Techivita

Surat was the kind of guy who would romanticize about the perfect, soul-mate relationship. He spent his entire life searching for the one girl he could truly put his faith into, but in LosHuerdia many people were never faithful to their partners. They’d go off to do one night stands with strangers and date guys that would never treat them with the respect they deserved, cheating on the other when another more attractive single begged for their ‘love’. People would never treat their relationships with any sincerity and Surat didn’t want any of that. He wanted a relationship that he could really believe in, a love that would last longer than some ephemeral one night stand. None of the girls in LosHuerdia would offer that to him, so he just assumed that even thinking about them was a waste of time.

Maybe that’s when he realized he was homosexual.

He had denied being ‘gay’ to everyone he knew in his old school. He was surprised by the fact that most people assumed that he was gay due to his ability to hit high sopranos notes. They began ‘shipping’ him with his guy friends, writing gay fanfictions between them, and mocking him for his high pitched, ‘no testosterone’ voice. Surat wasn’t entirely annoyed by his friends for mocking him, but now that he looked back on those past memories, he laughed and sighed. Oh, if only his friends could see him now.

Surat couldn’t help but think about his love now. His sweet tenor range voice that  pleading puppy eyes that were usually covered by the stray russet brown locks that shone in the sunlight. His lanky build that was somewhat hidden by the baggy clothing he usually wore, making it seem as if he couldn’t pose a serious threat in a fight. Surat sighed as he reminisced about his favorite tech major. His pure and sincere smile that he rarely showed due to the amount of stress he had to deal with in school. The warmth of his arms curled around him in a state of prolonged embrace. Surat never imagined that he would fall in love with a guy, but Josh managed to prove him wrong.

“Surat?” a voice called out, shattering Surat’s daydream. He looked over his shoulder to see where the familiar voice resonated from, finding kind, hazel eyes gleaming back at him.

“Hey Josh…” Surat replied sheepishly, quickly glancing away from Josh to try hide the warm feeling that was starting to become visible on his cheeks. Josh chuckled quietly as he crouched down to sit besides Surat on the dusty locker section floor.

“So are we really doing this?” Surat asked, his eyes clouded with doubt and worry.

“Yes.” Josh replied in a soothing voice as he stroked Surat’s silky hair.

“Pero like, do we really gotta do an announcement?”


“Why can’t we just tell them individually so that they can just tell each other?”

“Because it’s serious.”

Surat sighed and placed his head on Josh’s shoulder. Josh continued to stroke through Surat’s sleek, charcoal-colored hair. Surat snuggled closer to Josh, feeling the warmth of his neck and inhaling scent of vanilla and musk from the cologne he wore that day. They sat quietly embracing each other, watching as the occasional passersby went about their business.

“Come on, you know at least one of them will be happy about it.” Josh replied after a moment of silence.

“That’s cause she just likes to write fanfictions about us.” Surat replied back.

“Come on, let’s go.” Josh said, getting up from the floor and pulling Surat to his feet “It won’t be that bad, I promise.” He kissed Surat quickly on the forehead, making Surat’s once very tan cheeks turn almost a bright shade of red.

“Alright.” Surat replied skeptically, following a now very enthusiastic Josh towards the locker section where their friends were anticipating their arrival.

As the couple walked towards their awaiting friends that were congregated in the red locker section, Surat felt more and more anxious about the meeting. Surat only knew Ashley from that group and the other two people he only knew by name. Josh was all very good friends with them, but he wondered if his friends would question why he chose to date a junior out of all people, especially someone like himself. As they walked closer and closer to the group, he could see more details about the trio. Ashley sat with her backs to the lockers with a bored expression on her face as she seemed to scroll meaninglessly on her R2D2 cased iPhone. Across from her were two other guys conversing with each other. One wearing a blue Aeropostale hoodie and green pants of the same brand, holding a disgustingly broken iPad, and the other wearing a white shirt with a gold and red cross on it and denim jeans. They stopped only a few inches away from them and Josh cleared his throat, making the group look up from what they were doing.

“Friends I have gathered you all here today for an important announcement…” Josh began, his eyes twinkling with excitement “I have to announce that I am now in a relationship.” Surat shuffled in his spot, nervously glancing at each of the group’s faces.

“Who’s the lucky gal?” Isaac asked, his eyes beaming with excitement.

“Well she’s really a he, and it’s Surat.” Josh exclaimed, grabbing Surat’s hand to pull him closer towards the group. “You guys know Surat right?”

“Oh my god!” Ashley squealed with glee as she covered her mouth with her hands in shock, “Does this mean I can write more fanfiction about you guys? I’m gonna write twenty more chapters to your series! Oh my god you guys are so cute!”

Matthew congratulated the two silently by nodding his head and then returned to whatever he was doing on the iPad. Isaac’s face was still stuck in a bewildered expression, but then changed to a more ruminative one. After a little while of silence, Isaac looked up at the couple and stared sternly at Josh.

“Josh, can I pull you aside for a moment?” Isaac said quietly as he began to quickly get up from the floor.

“Um… Yea, sure. Surat why don’t you talk to Ashley and Matthew.” Josh replied to Isaac’s sudden request, letting go of Surat’s hand. As Josh and Isaac walked towards the stairwell, he could hear Ashley spewing her thoughts to the others on what kinds of fanfictions between the couple she should continue to write about.

Josh and Isaac walked into the stairwell, closing the blue double doors behind them. They walked a few steps away from the door before Isaac angrily turned to him and whispered, “Josh are you crazy? You’ve sinned! What would the gods think? You will go to Hell!”

“Isaac… I’m an-“

“For that you have also sinned!” Isaac screamed out, his voice echoing throughout the room. The conversations behind the door stopped and suddenly a very confused and surprised Ashley peeked through the doors.

“Isaac, what’s wrong with Josh being gay?” Ashley asked as she glanced at the two of them. “I ship it.”

Isaac’s jaw dropped, his expression filled with one that questioned Ashley’s sanity. “The Order of the Stones says that ‘shall a man sleep with another of his gender, he shall be punished by the worst tortures of Hel.’” he stated, glaring at Ashley hatefully.

“Right…” Ashley began, “Maybe that’s what your religion says, but my religion says tha-”

“Your religion is a book of lies!” Isaac screamed, “You will all go to hell for this! Beg to the gods for forgiveness!”

“But…” Ashley replied irritably, “Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean that yo-”

“Ashley shut the fuck up! You guys are all sinners and I will plead to the gods for forgiveness.” Isaac exclaimed, storming off down the stairwell. Josh and Ashley watched as Isaac disappeared from their sight and stood awkwardly as the stairwell resumed to its usual silence. After a few minutes of waiting for Isaac to reappear from the depths of the stairs, Ashley spoke up.

“So should we talk to him?”

“Nah let him calm down.” Josh replied, grabbing the handle and opening the doors. “For now, I think I should show Surat around. We’ll see you later.”

And so Josh and Surat said their goodbyes to Matthew and Ashley as they headed out for food and the Hudson River docks to relax.

Isaac stopped running down the stairs and stopped in front of a window in the stairwell. His hands clammy and there was sweat on his brow. Josh couldn’t be… He couldn’t have succumbed to the evils of the devil. He couldn’t have fallen in love with Surat. A guy. Josh wasn’t like that. He couldn’t have succumbed so easily to the dark side. Surat had to be possessed and working for the devil. His eyes gleamed with an evil that made him shudder in fear. He had to save Josh from Surat’s clutches because that’s what best friends do right?

Isaac knelt in front of the window outlooking the street away from the school. Putting his hands over the hidden necklace that resembled a fire, he closed his eyes and began to pray.

“Dear gods, Please forgive my friends for all being complete idiots. They really don’t know any better and as an ambassador for the goddess Sigyn, I plead to thee to get rid of the evil that now surrounds our friendships. That Surat boy needs to be cleansed so that my friendships with Ashley, Matthew and Josh can continue. Ejus.”

Satisfied with his prayer Isaac opened his eyes and got off of the ground, staring happily out the window before proceeding to exit the school. What he didn’t see was the human-like, glowing figure that stood where he once was.

The dock was shadowed with darkness with only a few dim street lights illuminated the boardwalk. Surat and Josh walked languidly towards the semi-frozen Hudson river, kicking up the small layer of snow still on the ground. As they reached the end of the boardwalk, they sat down on a small wooden bench that overlooked the river. The two sat down and breathed in the heavy mist of the air around them as they enjoyed each other’s company and the view of the river. They could barely see much out in the horizon, save for the ice sheets still floating in the river and a small green light illuminating in the distance. The only sounds that could be heard were the waves slowly crashing into the dock, but otherwise it was surprisingly silent for a place so close to a highway.

“Well, too bad that didn’t turn out better.” Josh chuckled, breaking the silence between the two. Surat smiled at Josh’s attempt to cheer him up and glanced up to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry that didn’t work out better.” Josh stated again, stroking through the younger one’s slick hair.

“It’s fine.” Surat replied sighed, “At least now they know, and at least – even if some of them don’t like it, we can still be together.” The two locked eyes with each other, drinking in the luminescence that gleamed in their eyes. As the eye contact became unbearable, Surat’s lips met Josh’s, pulling the two into a deep kiss. Surat tasted the minty breath on Josh’s tongue as their mouths embraced each other in a form of symbiotic coalescence. It was sincere and loving, filled passion and want for each other. They pulled away briefly for before resuming their long session of snogging. Surat lost himself in the warmth of his embrace and soft lips.

“You guys are really cute.”

Josh and Surat pulled away from each other and quickly turned around to find a woman observing the two. They could only see her dark silhouette outlined by the dim yellow streetlights behind her. She was fairly tall and wore some form of clothing that draped behind her, similar to a robe or a dress. She seemed to carry something similar to a wooden rod, with a ball about the size of an orange at the tip of it. Neither of the boys could really see the details of her mien because the mist began to grow thicker, shrouding the woman in mystery.

“W-Who are you?” Surat said, his voice cracking mid sentence as he tried to keep up a charade of bravado.

“I am Hel, ruler of Helheim and daughter of Loki.” The woman replied in a monotone, alto ranged voice. She slowly started walking towards the couple, the fog dispersing and revealing more details of the mysterious goddess.

She wore a red and black leather cloak that draped down past her feet. One half of her face looked as if someone stripped her skin and muscles from her face and left behind the bones. Her eyes were an eerie shade of green that reminded Surat of the color of venom and her hair like the darkness of a black hole. Her expression was one of indifference and her eyes gleamed with maliciousness.

The pair got up from their chairs and began backing away towards the Hudson.

“Um… I’m sorry, but Helheim? Where exactly is that?” Josh replied glaring at the approaching figure, watching her every move.

Hel chuckled, “Oh puny mortal, sadly my realm doesn’t exist in your measly little place you call Earth.”

“So where is it?” Josh asked again, but this time with a more daunting tone.

“In Nieheim, but of course you wouldn’t know where that is either. Ah mortals and their puny little brains.” Hel mocked as she leaned on her staff “It’s quite quaint you know. You think you know everything and when someone actually knows more you try to reject them and blindly tell them you’re right.”

“Look lady. Pero like, we’re trying to do something here, so if you don’t mind we’ll be on our way.” Surat said, abruptly dragging Josh away around the bench and towards the exit of the docks.

Hel chuckled and flicked her wrists, sending sparks of red lights shooting past the two boys. Surat was the first to slam into the invisible barrier that she had suddenly created, knocking the two boys off of their feet and on top of each other onto the cold, snowy pavement.

“Sadly, I can not let you go, for my master has called for me to dispose of you.” Hel chuckled, “Now, which one of you are Surat?”

Neither of the boys moved or spoke.

“You’re making this very difficult and I’d prefer not to get angry.” She said. She motioned her hand upward as if she was holding something, resulting in the couple being lifted from the ground, helplessly dangling in the air gasping for breath.

“Well then, I’ll just have to get rid of both of you then, is that what you want?” She chuckled mischievously.

“No!” Josh exclaimed as he struggled to breathe under her choke hold. “I-I’m Surat! Leave Josh alone!”

“Very well then.” Hel replied, throwing Surat mercilessly onto the snow ridden floor a few feet away from Josh. Turning to Josh, she started speaking in a language foreign to both of the boys. Her eyes glowed a bright red and her hands glowed with a red misty vapor, encircling in her hands as an ever changing ball of smoke. Slowly it started to move from her hands and surrounded Josh like vile tendrils. Josh stood frozen in fright, unable to move as he felt every cell in his body falling off of him and onto the ground as ash, slowly drifting away by the hudson winds.

Surat screamed as he watched Hel perform the incantation. He felt his bones groan in agony as he got up from the cold floor and ran over to help Josh. As he reached through the red mist he felt terrible pains surge through his body. He felt as if his arm was being set on fire or as if needles were piercing length of his arm, peeling away his skin to reveal the bones underneath it. Falling to his knees, he looked up to see the last of Josh being dissolved into dust and floating away in the wind. Surat closed his eyes and accepted his fate, hoping that he would find Josh in the heavens.

Hel finished the incantation and lowered her hands to signal its end, her eyes returning to its normal green color. She watched as the last of the ashes from the two boys floated away in the wind.

“Well that’s one less person to deal with. Issac will be pleased.” Hel mused to herself. Only silence accompanied Hel as she walked through the snow and ash filled night.