Techivita's Note: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to write something to show my appreciation, so here you go! Now go eat and be merry!

Thanks For The Memories

Written by on 11/27/14

I wished for day when the skies would fall

Ending my suffering on this world.

I wished for materialistic things

That would make me ephemerally happy.

I wished for my days to pass

So that I could get out of stress.

I wished that I could get out and live my life

Because I felt trapped in my repeated duties.

I wished that I wasn’t me.


But here I am looking back

At all the things I have experienced

All the encounters I have had

All the friends I have made

All of the enemies I have grown to hate

All of the embarrassments I have grown to laugh at

All of the people I have learned to love

And I am happy that I let the sands of time pass


It’s not the ending that I was waiting for

It was the expedition I had learned to adore.