Techivita’s Note: Hello! I have risen from the depths of college applications and high school work to deliver this new descriptive write! Sorry for being so silent for so long. I haven’t had much time to write to to the college process, APs, auditions and other things. But, new stuff is on it’s way! Jorat is in the process of creation, a new series will be coming out soon and more short stories are on it’s way!

Originally this write was going to be in the universe of Supernatural (still only on season 4) using the characters Meg and Sam. However, I changed the story line a bit and removed the whole 'supernatural' part of it because I was using this as a submission for a college application (Yay for being an English major). I tried to keep the characters as close to their personalities in the show, but it turned out a bit OOC. Anyway enjoy!


Written by Techivita

Meg laughed as she saw a glint of fear in Sam’s chocolate colored eyes, a primal instinct that would be his folly. She slowly walked up to him as he began to wake up from his state of unconsciousness, struggling with the chains he was bound to. Her black heels clicked on the hard concrete floor, signaling her approach. Sam’s chains banged more loudly and frequently against the metal piping he was attached to, his dark brown hair flailing wildly in rhythm with the rattling. He whimpered as he watched Meg tower over him, her eyes flashing with a malicious black tint underneath her seemingly innocent short, blond hair. She smirked at Sam’s fragile state, unsheathing a small switchblade and began twirling it skillfully, seeming to mock Sam in the fate that the sharp object would fall and penetrate his leg. Sam tried to scuttle away from the knife, but Meg moved closer to him each time. Meg continued twirling the precarious knife above Sam, her eyes watchful and acquisitive.

“Tell me pretty boy, where is the flash drive?” She demanded.

“I dunno what’cha talkin’ ‘bout miss.” Sam replied, his eyes wary and focused on the twirling knife above him.

Suddenly, Meg plunged the knife swiftly into Sam’s left leg, making him cry out in agony. She began to slowly pull the knife downwards, tearing the flesh from the bone. Blood slowly trickled down from the wound, covering the blade and it’s owner in its crimson hue. Sam slowly choked on his own sobs as he tried to ignore the pain, but began to tremble violently as he felt every neuron in his limb cry out in discomfort.

“I’ll ask you again Sam Cooper,” Meg snarled as she watched Sam writhe in anguish, frustrated that he was being a harder target than she originally thought. “Where is the flash drive?”

“Oh miss.” Sam laughed, trying to keep up a sense of bravado. “I couldn’t just hand you they keys to the Pentagon. Given your plans to go and destroy it, it wouldn’t be wise for me to do so.”

“Tell me where it is and I will spare your insufferable life.”

“You’d have nothing to gain from destroying it.”

“I’d be able to restore world peace.”

“By destroying a system designed to protect the American people? See, a broad like you shouldn’t be out here trying to-”

Sam’s speech faltered as Meg twisted the knife, turning his snarky retort into a blood curdling howl. He closed his eyes to combat the pain as tears streamed down his face, as he tried to shut out the images of what other barbarous forms of torture she would try next.

“Your little Pentagon is corrupt. What protection could you even provide to those you target?” She spat, watching as Sam’s face twist with pain as she continued twirling the knife inside him, watching as blood began to gush quickly from the wound. “Now, I’ll ask you one more time before I decide to use a different form of persecution. Where is the flash drive?”

The only answer she got from Sam for a long period of time were incoherent screams and sobs. He stayed like that until Meg decided to stop twisting the knife in his leg like a fork trying to pick up spaghetti. After a while, he slowly stopped sobbing incoherently and tilted his head forward in a sign of defeat, his brown locks covering his face in grim darkness.

“L-left pocket” Sam managed to stammer out as he shakily tried to regain his composure. Meg smirked at his response, removing the knife from Sam’s leg and rummaging through his pocket to retrieve the prized possession. When she felt the flash drive within her grasp she quickly pulled it out, examining it carefully under the small gleam of the tiny lightbulb, penetrating the complete darkness of the concrete enclosed room. Placing the flash drive in her pocket, she gave a small pat on Sam’s head before positioning her switchblade right above Sam’s heart.
“Now hold still would’ya?” Meg muttered, “Wouldn’t want to get my hands all messy.”

“But miss!” Sam stammered as he struggled against his chains, “You said if I gave you the dri-”

“Sorry kid, but you’re too deep in this for me to let you go. But for cooperating so well, I’ll give you a swift death. A’rite?”

And thus she plunged the switchblade into Sam’s left chest cavity, eliciting a deafening scream from Sam. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell limp against the metal piping, arms slacking against his chains. Meg watched as Sam’s body turn lifeless before turning on her heels and walking towards the exit. She grinned as she pocketed her now bloody switchblade, ready to continue on with her mission.