Techivita's Note: This is another poem that I decided not to publish in my English class' publication. This is a mimicking poem to one called "Batman and Robin" who I don't know the author to.

The Doctor and His Companion

Written by Techivita on 3/4/15

I found a man, possibly thirty two

Walking down the avenue.

He wore a coat of tannish color

And looked almost like a scholar,

If it wasn’t for his spiky hair

That stuck up in the wind like it didn’t care

About gravity or any other scientific law.

And he walked on by as I stared in awe.


He carried a pen and a suitcase, both blue

Both in a fairly odd hue.

He walked on by, but sat down on a bench.

And took out a bottle, for his thirst needed to be quenched.

A bottle too big to fit in that small box.

A box that could probably fix a whole ox.

‘Bigger than the inside’ as one could say

On this very sunny and fine day.


Later on a female walked by

Passed by the man and said hi.

He waved to her and said something weird

As if it were something to be feared.

The girl’s smile changed into a frown

And she mumbled something then turned around.

Thus the man got up and ran away

Grabbing the girl’s hand and ran towards the bay.


I don’t know if I’ll see him again.

I’d really want him to be my friend.

The curious man with the spiky hair

And his companion that was oh so fair.