Techivita's Note: This was also written in my English class that I did not put in the publication. This one is based on the French video game "OFF" in which if you have not played it, I suggest you do. It's a very odd but enjoyable game.

OFF Vigillente

Written by Techivita on 3/9/15

The batter is on the run.

Purifying ghosts with ease

All done with a bat and no gun.


Smoke fills the Elsen’s lungs.

They mine it from Damien so they can breathe.

Out of all the elements, smoke the important one.


Metals floors glisten in the sun

Found in the Pentel cow’s meat.

Out of all the elements, metal the important one.


Plastic seas that equal more than a ton.

A boundary and tool for the Elsen peeps.

Out of all the elements, plastic the important one.


Not from the metal cows, those are shunned,

Meat is packed in bottles for the Elsen to eat.

Out of all the elements, meat the important one.


Sugar, the man-made element, is like rum

An addictive substance from ashes from corpses into something sweet.

Out of all the elements, sugar the important one.


The Judge watches as he has his fun.

The purification process is complete.

Victory is oh so sweet.

The batter is on the run.