Techivita's Note: This is also another poem that I have published and it is an ode to fandoms. 

An Ode To Fandoms

Written by Techivita on 5/19/15

An Ode To Fandoms

Thank you fandoms for being there

To distract me from everyday’s vexing chores,

To be there to cheer me up when I’m down,

To inspire me to create something of my own,

And to help me get over my anxiety of meeting new people

By allowing me to talk about the same fandoms they’re in. 


To Doctor Who,

One of my first fandoms

Filled with brilliant stories of time and space travel.

Taught me that everything can be brilliant. 


To Sherlock,

And it’s reimagined tales of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In the mysteries of the 21st century.

Taught me to observe instead of just seeing.


To Supernatural,

My final completion to SuperWhoLock

And one of the creepiest shows I have ever watched.

Taught me not to be afraid of smoke and mirrors


To Welcome To Nightvale,

With it’s oddities and cryptic messages

The spoopiest of all podcasts.

Taught me that oddities can be normal.


To the Marvel Universe,

Starring action packed heros, complicated storylines

And extremely attractive actors/actresses.

Taught me that even villains can be heros. 


These are only a few and there’s so many more.

Like Nerdfightaria, Nintendo, DC, Legend of Korra and studio Ghibli,

But sadly listing all of them would be such a chore.

So here’s to the fandoms that inspire us to be who we are

And get us out of the slump that is life so far.