Techivita's Note: This poem I wrote for an English class' publication. Inspired by and dedicated to a certain person who shall remain anonymous on this website.

愛の進化 (Ai no Shinka) [Evolution of Love]

Written by Techivita on 5/19/15


The random stranger that walks past

Who you would never noticed

Had you not accidentally bumped into them

And dropped your belongings on the ground

Like a cliche scene in an anime.


That friend that your friends ship you with,

But you never knew the person they talked about.

Until one day your friends introduce you to them

Hoping that somehow the two of you would get together

And form a ship that could outship all the ships.


That one shy kid that never spoke

Until you were placed in a group project with them.

And you start to realize that

They’re actually quite nice to talk to

So you keep talking after the project is over.


That person you talked to

Randomly on an online forum

That happened to like the same fandom as you,

And is going to a convention you are going to

So you decide to meet up.


There were chances that these events wouldn’t happen,

Thus leaving the pair to be strangers forevermore.

Yet, in ever grueling wheel of destiny

Chance happened to be on your side.

And thus a new chapter of your life has begun.


Falling In

You start to feel different

As if there is something missing.

Like there was a hole in your heart

You hadn’t known until now.


You start to hear differently

As if a certain voice was the purest sound in the universe

And the closest possible thing to mortal heaven,

Yet they’re only talking to you about homework.


You start to see differently

As if there seemed to be a spotlight on them at all times

Illuminating their features to indescribable beauty

As if they were a god or goddess.


You start to think differently

As if every move you take could suddenly scare them away

Or remembering them when scouring funny photos

During the late hours of the night.


Your senses are compromised

All thanks to hormones

And the little fact that you’re

Falling in love.



I love you in more ways

Than characters can be arranged on a page.

I would write thousands of songs for you

If I could somehow form my words

Into cohesive lyrics,

Instead of my ramblings

In which I call poems:


I love your cute smile and laugh

Your shining hazel brown eyes

That gleam brighter than any sun.

Your soft and lavander scented hair

That changes more colors than those of a chameleon.

And your bass voice that sounds

More soothing than Tom Hiddleston’s.

Your magical ability to always make me smile

No matter how somber or stressed out I am.


I love your obsession with cookie dough

And Homestuck and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Your love for musicals and barbershop quartets

Your eagerness to go out into the world

And try something you haven’t done before.

Your bravery to endure countless hours of classical music

Just to watch me perform.

Your endless knowlege of math and science

And the fact that you enjoy them all.


However, I hate

Those bitter-sweet goodbyes.

But I know I’ll see you again tomorrow.

And I will wait till then

But for now, goodbye.


Falling Out

I can’t look at you without feeling the pang in my heart

Crying out to hold you in my arms once more.

Memories of the past surface

From the dark reaches of my mind.


I know how it feels to soar so high,

But to realize that your forgot your parachute.

Falling so far and so fast

So that everything around you is a blur.


Your name is engraved on my heart

And bleeds ruby drops of blood and remembrance.

And pours out of me in streams

Of lost memories and tears.



I know you so well,

Yet I must treat you as though

We’re strangers again.


I know your secrets,

Your hopes and all of your dreams

Locked inside of me.


You know my secrets

My darkest fears and nightmares

At your disposal.


So ends the cycle

That brought so much joy and pain

The cycle of love.