Techivita's Note: Another one from the publication, but this was a poem written a bit farther back than the rest of them. I wrote this because I was extremely upset at someone and decided to put in characteristics of Marvel's Loki.


Written by Techivita on 1/12/15

Oh how I love to be the villain!

The ousted and ostracized,

The unworthy and shunned.

Rejected by everyone I used to love

Used until I am no longer useful for the plot.


I am that dastardly villain.

The villain who will forever be misunderstood.

Bring me no pity, for I have no use of your fiendish lies

Your talk of your caring and apathy

Lies I tell you!


You speak yet there is no coherence to your thoughts.

Your words coated with a sweet sing song voice,

Yet its true meaning is like the taste of excrement.


I will show you no animosity.

I only pity that you are blind to other views

Because if you had ever seen through my eyes,

You would be the so called villain.


I am no longer who I once was

Now I am an empty shell of darkness

That others can only perceive as evil.