Techivita's Note: Last poem from the publication. This one is about graduation.

The End

Written by Techivita on 5/26/15

I walked along the quiet road;

The misty and dirt filled road.

The trees surrounding the path

Were dead skeletons of old remembrances

And the chopped branches of lost dreams.

I kept walking.


I kept walking along that quiet road.

The road of lost opportunities.

The road of old memories.

The road of obsolete dreams.

The road of broken friendships.

I kept walking.


I came across a dead end

A dead end with a large, red stop sign.

It’s red metal plating was covered in greenery

Vines like an octopus’ tendrils snaking around its borders.

The shiny silver words yelled “Stop!”

But I kept walking.


I kept walking along that quiet road;

The dirt filled road covered in greenery

I pushed past that red stop sign

Underneath all of the vines and leaves,

Past the poking thorns and shrubbery.

I kept walking.


I kept walking along that road.

Pushing past the green shrubbery

To reveal the golden sunlight past it.

Beneath my feet was a green pasture

With an array of flowers budding from the earth.

I stopped walking.


I stopped walking down that road.

I stopped walking down the green pasture.

I stood amidst the flowers with colors more brilliant than a rainbow.

I sat and smiled underneath the golden rays of sunlight.

I laid amongst the petals and breathed the sweet blossom’s aromas,

And I stopped walking.