Techivita’s Note: Here’s some sad poetry that you can imagine your OTP with. In the meantime, I’m going to figure out how the hell to get over writer's block with Jorat.

A Memory of Times Past

Written by Techivita on 6/05/15

The night surrounds us in a blanket of cool evening breeze.
The lights of the surrounding fountains reflect the soft sparkle in your eyes.
The relaxing sound of water is the music in our ears.
The rushing city passersby were our entertainment.

I curiously glanced at your features
As you watched the lit fountain spouts do their dance.
Your smile gleamed with content,
But your eyes were filled with misery.

“You should probably go.” you said quietly
Although in the silence of the night, your sound was defining.
I nod in melancholy agreement.
And thus with swift departure we separated.

The moment may have been fleeting,
But the memory is engraved in stone.