Techivita Notes: So here's another short I found lying in my computer. I guess I wrote this when I was still in the Yogscast fandom (which was several years ago actually). But anyway, here's a little slice of life in which some of the Yogscast members are taking a Japanese class. Enjoy!

A Yogslife: Japanese Class

Written by Techivita

Xephos sighted as he walked into room 627. He still wondered why he was taking Japanese in the first place. He thought it was going to be fun and learn more about Japanese culture but it was about the complete opposite to that. Instead it was basically like English, but in another language. Grammar, vocabulary, and even more things that made his head spin. He looked again at his study sheet which was covered with characters of straight and curly lines. He sighed again as he stepped into the classroom. He was a bit earlier than usual and this time he could sit next to Martyn and Sparkles, as they two were cramming for the test.

“What the hell does たのしい{tanoshii} mean?” Sparkles asked as he fretfully looked through all of his notes.

“Fun” Martyn replied “Im totally going to ace this one!”

Both Xephos and Sparkles groaned and shook their heads. Martyn was the best student in the class, if not the entire school when it comes to Japanese. He had learned most of the stuff they were learning now through many years of his obsession of watching anime, while also learning crash courses online. Xephos had tried using these methods but it had never worked for him, for he was never interested in the subjects.

The late bell rings and the entire class stood up. It was to symbolize the beginning of class. However, Xephos had forgot to put down his bag so he dropped it. It landed with a loud thud and half of the class turned to look at him and gave him a glare. Xephos blushed a bit. He never did like being the center of attention. The ones who turned to look turned back and focused their attention back to しぎはらせんせい{Shingihara Sensei} [sensei = teacher].

“おはようございます。{Ohayoogozaimasu} [Ohayoogozaimasu = Good Morning]” She said, bowing slightly as she did so.

“おはようございます。”the class replied back, also bowing.

“So, are you guys ready for the test today?”

“No…” Sparkles mumbled under his breath.