Techivita's Note: So right now I'm in the process of writing some new material because what else is break for (well... besides sleeping in of course). So in the meantime I've been cleaning out my computer and I found this little gem inside. Its uncompleted, but I doubt I'm ever going to continue this.

For those of you who don't know what Genokawa is, Genokawa was a ship between two characters, Mr. Hosokawa and Gen a Japanese businessman and a translator respectively from the book Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. There was an excerpt of this book on the SAT in 2013 in the Form W version of it. Form W has always been an odd form for the SAT and the one that happened in 2013 was no exception (seriously just look at it on Tumblr). Anyway enjoy!

Doctor Who x Genokawa

Written by Techivita

It was a bright and breezy day in Greece and the only sounds were the birds chirping above the apartment complex. The only sound that broke the silence was the shout of-

“ほそかわせんせい!ほそかわせんせい!(MR.HOSOKAWA! MR.HOSOKAWA!)”

Mr. Hosokawa awoke from his deep slumber and looked around. He knew the voice sounded familiar. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“ほそかわせんせい!(Mr. Hosokawa!)

Mr. Hosokawa rose out of bed and walked toward the door.

“なんですかげんくん?(What is it Gen?)”

Gen appeared around the back of the hallway door as Mr. Hosokawa was about to open it. Unfortunately it slammed Mr. Hosokawa in the face causing him to retaliate. Gen ran up to him apologizing for his unfortunate accident.

“すみません。すみません。(I’m sorry. I’m sorry)”

Gen slowly brushed over to where Mr. Hosokawa was bruised. It was so smooth under his fingers like-

” まあいいでしよ。おげんきです。(It’s ok. I feel fine.)” Mr. Hosokawa said as he slowly looked up toward Gen’s eyes. He had the pouting face of a puppy and he found it adorable.

“Well then shall we go up to what you were looking at?” 

“はい” Gen replied looking downward towards the floor as his face gushed a bright pink. Gen helped him up and grabbed his hand as they ran downwards towards the hallway to a balcony. However, there were no tables or chairs that usually sat on the sunny balcony floor. Instead there was a gigantic blue box that didn’t look anything slightly Japanese or Greek.

“ここはなんですか?(What is that?)” Mr. Hosokawa said bewildered by the foreign object. 

“I don’t know.” Gen replied, gripping tightly to Mr. Hosokawa’s hand. 

Suddenley the doors flung open and out stepped a man in a ridiculous tweed jacket, a bow tie and a weird, red, bowl shaped hat. 

“Top of the morning to you good gentlemen. Oh um. Wait where is this? Oh. Japan? Ah! おひいよございます!Oh wait its in the morning. Um.”

“すみません! (Excuse me) ” Mr. Hosokawa said in a timid voice. あなたは誰です(who are you?).

“Ah. Well. I’m the Doctor. And you-

“待つ,あなたは私を理解できる (wait. You can understand me?) Mr. Hosogawa replied.

“Why of course! TARDIS! This baby can translate any language! Anyway. Your planet is going to be invaded by Daleks. Er what is this now 21st… yes 21st century. The daleks should be here. Hm.”

“Um excuse me, but who exactly are you?” Gen said with a shiver in his voice.

“Just the Doctor. I’m here to save your business!”

*Doctor Who Theme begins to play*