Techivita's Note: So here's another gem I found in the depths of my computer. Again, probably never going to actually complete this (although maybe I will if the next Star Wars movie gives me enough determination to do so). Anyway, here's a crossover of Doctor Who (which takes place in the middle of Season 7) and Star Wars (which takes place during Star Wars: Episode V aka "The Empire Strikes Back). Enjoy!

Doctor Who x Star Wars

Written by Techivita

He was alone again. Alone in his big blue box. He sat and read over Amy’s last words one more time, with tears streaming down his face. This wasn’t how he wanted to end this. It wasn’t what they deserved. 1312. Not being able to see their parents again. No more adventures. No more kissing. Now that he thought about it, they looked cute kissing. They were perfect together. They were perfect; too perfect to end on a sad note. He wanted to save them, but he couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t. He would take the TARDIS through the paradox and try to save them but he can’t. The TARDIS wouldn’t let him, and she had a good intention too. If he had tried to go back, the time vortex would drive him somewhere else. There was no way he could get to them. Anything involving their timeline was over. This was the end, and he hated endings; the end of the two people who gave him the most important person in his regeneration.

“Alright. To 2013. To Brian William’s house.” 

He cranked the lever and the TARDIS to whir.

“Vworp. Vworp. Vworp.”

The Doctor sighed as he paced back and forth. He promised Brian he would take care of them. He had one job; one job and he blew it. Now he had to tell Brian they were “dead”. He hit his head on the TARDIS console and groaned. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He could always run. Run away and tell him later or not at all. He had all the time in the universe. He could-

The central spire started flashing a crimson red and the room shook violently, knocking the Doctor towards the railings.

“Oh that’s not good. That is very very not great.”

He scrambled to his feet and pushed and switched an array of levers and buttons across the control panel. Instead of slowing down, however, the central column rose and fell faster and faster; the spire growing increasingly darker to resemble a blood color.

“I knew I shouldn’t have tossed the manual into that black hole.” The Doctor groaned.

He fumbled around his jacket pocket (of course, being bigger on the inside) until he pulled out a silver and bronze sonic screwdriver, with a pine green tip, and pointed it towards the central spire. It sparked with an array of colorful sparks and grinded to a halt as the lights flickered dimly, then died, until the only light source a eerily, green glowing spire that dimly illuminated the room.

“Well it could always be worse” he mumbled.

He straightened his bow tie and jacket and opened the door.

“Oh dear…”

There were a dozen storm troopers greeting him with guns.

“Halt! You’re under arrest on account of trespassing in Galactic Empire territory!”

“Guns.” The Doctor mumbled as he cautiously held his hands up in surrender, “Why does it always have to be guns?”