Techivita’s Note: Day 2 of the failed 30 day writing challenge! This time the prompt was "In 250 words or less, write about your favorite city." So I wrote about Undertale, in which this is San’s first experience with the genocide timeline after becoming friends with Frisk in other timelines. Enjoy!


Written by Techivita

Something’s off about Frisk this timeline. Their eyes were glossed over in boredom even when I told the worst of my jokes. They had no reaction to anything. And their clothes were constantly covered in snow and it never seemed to go away. I’m starting to feel like that white powder might not be snow.

It’s gotten quieter around the outskirts of town. There used to be at least a bit of
chatter from the townsfolk. Usually you could hear the shouts from Papyrus
telling the sentries to stop dawdling and get to work. But the only sound I
could hear was the snow crunching beneath my slippers. Something is definitely
wrong. Snowdin was never this quiet.

I walked faster
over the bridge and into town. The only thing that greeted me was the sound of
silence. The wind whipped up snow into the air, circulating it around
the now deserted town. I passed by the now abandoned local shop. The only sign
of life was a small letter that read “Please don’t hurt my family”. Something
was wrong. Where was Papyrus?

I quickly teleported to his usual battle area. The road towards Waterfall was usually a pleasant place to walk through, but not today. The lack of ice floating down the river and the trees seeming to cover the sky urged me to run quicker.

Find Papyrus.

Something’s not right.

The only thing I saw was red.

The red on Papyrus’ dust covered scarf abandoned in the snow.