Techivita’s Note: Day 3 of the failed 30 day writing challenge. This one requires you to begin a story with "He glanced at his watch impatiently..." This day and day 2 are based on the same concept and can be linked together. This is when Sans' meets Chara in the judgement hall to be evalutated. Enjoy!


Written by Techivita

He glanced at his watch impatiently waiting for his ‘guest’ to arrive. Sans sighed and placed his hands back into his sweater’s pockets. He knew this would happen eventually. The human would get bored of their normal, amicable route and start experimenting with homicide. Instead of befriending the monsters of the Underground, the human would become their murderer. They would become the atrocities that most of the monsters feared humans to be.

That they were creatures that wouldn’t hesitate to kill on sight.

That they were soulless beings, living in a kill or be killed world.

That humans were monsters.

And in this timeline, the human proved these assumptions right. They killed everyone Sans had ever known. They killed all of his neighbors, his friends, his family… They killed Papyrus. The one person who truly believed that the human was still good, even after they saw him come out of the Ruins covered in dust. And the human killed him.

At that point, Sans wanted to give up. He had lost everything. If anything, the timeline would reset again and Papyrus would be back. He would still be the happy skeleton Sans knew him to be. And Sans would kill the human before anything ever happened.

But what if the timeline didn’t reset? What if this was the last one and Sans had just stood idly waiting for a reset that would never happen? Hundreds of lives would perish, all because he chose to wait till the world started again. The king would die. Everyone would be gone. He’d be breaking his morals as a judge. So Sans decided to keep going and fight.

The human knew that Sans knew about the resets. Sans had discussed this topic with them during the timelines where they were still friends. The human had felt bad that they kept resetting, insisting that they were trying to become friends with everyone. And the human kept true to their word. Each time they’d reset, they would try to become friends with everyone. When they were unsuccessful, they would reset and try once more. In one timeline they were actually successful in befriending everyone. The barrier was shattered and everyone was released from the Underground. They got their happy ending.

And then the world resetted.

The human… Frisk.

Frisk couldn’t have done this. This wasn’t Frisk. This was someone else. It couldn’t have been them. The Frisk he knew would always try to become friends with people. The Frisk he knew would break down to tears if they knew that they had hurt someone. The Frisk he knew wouldn’t have willingly caused mass genocide. Frisk just wouldn’t.

Would they?

It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing and flowers were blooming. The judgement hall was quiet. The floors glistened in pristine condition, yet to be covered in dust and blood. Today was the day Sans would end the human’s psychopathic murder spree. He would find away to stop them whether or not the world resetted.