Techivita's Note: Day 5 of the failed 30 day writing challenge. This prompt was to mash together 15 songs without the words "hate" or "you" in the title, in order to create a giant hate poem. This is my result! All of the colors correspond with the songs listed below. Enjoy!
  1. “Nightmare” by Set It Off
  2. “Echo” by CrusherP
  3. “Killer” by The Ready Set
  4. “Colors” by Hasley
  5. “Here” by Alessia Cara
  6. “Chasing Ghosts” by Against the Current
  7. “Ashes” by NateWantsToBattle
  8. “Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez
  9. “Determination” by DJSmell
  10. “Dead Silence” by NateWantsToBattle
  11. “Wiser” by Madilyn Bailey
  12. “A Sadness Runs Through Him” by The Hoosiers
  13. “Panacea and Prologue” by Area 11
  14. “Bad Time” by Lollia
  15. “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” by Set It Off

Killer Nightmare

by Techivita

Something doesn’t feel right

No, something seems wrong

And I’ve been feeling this way,

For far too long.

What the hell’s going on

Can someone help me please

Stuck in a limbo

Me and my sins go toe to toe

I’m covered in the colors

Pulled apart at the seams.

How did it ever come to this

I should’ve never come to this

Gave you my heart and soul

Thought I was chasing love

Now you’re just a monster

I can see it in your smile

And in your eyes

There’s no compassion

No there’s nothing left inside.

Everyone thinks that we’re perfect

Please don’t let them look through the curtains.

You kill me again.

Again and again.

This land it reeks of death

And all your broken promises

It’s all your fault.

But I come back knowing so much more

I’m wiser from the mess you made

I feel no pain.

Looked in the wrong place for redemption

Don’t look at me with those eyes

I’d follow you, but not this time

Your sins, prove you’re bound to get dunked tonight

Cause you’re in for a bad time

You will pay, you will pay

Karma’s gonna come collect your debt.