Techivita's Note: Day 7 of the failed 30 day writing challenge. This prompt was to write a character in which their are revered and then hated. So the character I focused on is Laufeyson. The love section is specifically in the perspective of Thor. The hate is from a citizen of Asgard. Both of these take place during Thor 2 (basically Loki ‘dies’ trying to distract Malekith and his minion from taking Jane away). Enjoy!

Loki Laufeyson

Written by Techivita

Hate: Loki is a catastrophic megalomaniac, only killing for his own personal gain. He is a traitor to Asgard and nothing but Jotunheim scum. He’s the bastard of a king who is now long dead and should have been abandoned by Odin to freeze to death when he was a child. Odin should have never taken the boy under his wing. Look at the destruction he’s caused! The nine realms had suffered constantly through his chaotic destruction, caring for nothing but himself and to get a rise out of everyone else. I’m glad that bastard traitor is dead.

Love: Loki is my brother and I love him thus so. We grew up together as family even when we were not connected by blood. I know how he is, how he acts, how he feels. All he feels and knows is pain and sorrow. I would gladly have given up the throne to him. He would have been a wise and skillful leader in both politics and battle. I know he has done many condemnable deeds and created chaos throughout the nine realms. But I also know that he is merely doing this because he sided with the wrong people. I could have saved him from his suffering and showed him the ways that the Avengers have taught me. He’s always been the greatest at magic and the one who Freya admired the most. I only wish he were still alive so I could prove his worth.