Techivita’s Note: Day 6 of the failed 30 day writing challenge. This prompt was to use a quote in order to inspire a story. The quote come from Doctor Who and resulted in Undertale fanfiction. Enjoy!


Written by Techivita

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

– The Doctor (Matt Smith)

San was surrounded by darkness. He was lost and afraid with only his thoughts to keep him company. He walked (floated?) through the voidless space searching for anything that could be a sign of life, but there was nothing. He was beginning to get worried. There hasn’t been any timeline previously where he ended up where he was now. This was new and for once something new was disconcerting to him.

He didn’t know how he got here. First, he was watching Papyrus cook his famous batch of spaghetti, next he was in a world filled with void. He hoped Papyrus was okay. If anyone hurt him he swore he would ki-

A flash of light interrupted his thoughts. His left eye lit up in a burst of blue fire as his magic channeled to his hands, waiting for his target to appear. He waited, but nothing came.

“Sans?” A deep voice boomed out to him. Sans looked around anxiously and prepared for an attack to come flying his way. But all he saw was darkness.

“Sans.” The voice spoke again. Suddenly another bright flash appeared in front of Sans, blinding him for a moment. When Sans’ eyes readjusted to the darkness, a figure stood before him. The figure seemed to be a skeleton, much like sans was. However, the skeleton had cracks running along his skull, with one crack running up from his right eye and one running down from his left eye to his mouth. He had long and brisk fingers with gaping holes inside of his palms. He wore a black suit and a white turtleneck underneath it. Black goop seemed to drip down from his form, conglomerating at his torso where there was just a puddle of slime representing his lower half.

“Who are you?” Sans shouted, backing away from the figure “How do you know my name?”

“Ah I assumed that you wouldn’t remember me.” The man chuckled, “My name is W.D. Gaster. Here, its easier to show you than to tell you.” Gaster walked up to Sans as Sans stood frozen in his place, too afriad to move. Gaster placed two of his fingers on Sans’ forehead and began channeling his magic towards his fingertips.

Suddenly Sans’ mind was flooding with memories. The reason why he was experimenting and tracking jumps in timelines. The reason he and Alphys knew each other. The reason why he knew about souls more than anyone else. It was all because of him.

He remembered.

Gaster was his father.

“I dont know how you managed to get here.” Gaster sighed, placing his hand on Sans’ shoulder, “but I need to send you back.”

“Wait!” Sans exclaimed, tears threatening to fall from his eye sockets “You’re erased from everyone’s memories and by some miracle I find you again and now you’re just making me leave?! What about you? You have to come back!”

“Unfortunately I can not leave.” Gaster lamented, “I am merely a forgotten memory now. I have no physical form. The void is my home now.”

“But there has to be a way!”

“I’ve always admired your determination. But my body can no longer support itself within reality. It’s attached to this void realm.”

“If there’s no way you can come back, can I just at least stay with you a little longer? Dad?”

Gaster chuckled softly as he watched Sans wipe away tears from his eyes and pulled his son into a loving embrace. Miracles do sometimes happen.