Techivita’s Note: The final day I wrote for the failed 30 day writing challenge! This one is to write a story revolving around an object in your room. Thus I chose a pen. Enjoy!


Written by Techivita

I unsheathe the pen’s dull blade, its shining metal tip glints under the glow of the artificial light. The nib is cold and sharp, seeming to hold the futures of multiple possibilities within the confines of its blade. I grasp its rubber handle tightly, prepared to strike the page before me. Pouncing upon the blank sheet, I begin to write my madness onto it. The thoughts from my mind travel through my arm, through the pen onto the page. The pen bleeds its inky blood, smudging the blank canvas of paper. Its blood shapes into lines and curves that connect in odd twists and turns. Crafting the liquid gold with my hand, the scribbles shape into words. Words that hold an assigned meaning that has a colossal amount of power over people. Words that can destroy and create with both its longevity and its brevity. These powerful words all begin with a stroke of the hand. The pen becoming the blade that allows the writer’s blood to bleed onto the blank page to create art.