Techivita’s Note: Day 4 of the failed 30 day writing challenge. This prompt was "Your object on your left turned into your object on the right. Write a 250 word or less reaction about it." Thus I wrote a slice of life in a universe where Bill Cipher is an annoying, demonic friend to Dipper.

Trickster Magic

Written by Techivita

“Bill!” Dipper yelled out, grabbing onto his hat in frustration.

“That’s my name! Don’t wear it out!” the semi-omniscient demon responded as he calmly floated into Dipper’s bedroom.

“You turned my laptop into a gummy bear!” Dipper shouted, shoving the red gummy bear into  Bill’s hand, “Change it back! Now!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Bill smirked, holding the gummy bear up to his eye and examining it meticulously “I wonder what this tastes li-“

“Don’t you dare” Dipper hissed, snatching the gummy bear out of his hands. He gently placed the gummy bear onto the desk where his laptop once sat

“Aw come on!” Bill whined as he floated to perch on top of Dipper’s desk. “I’ll eat it like a normal person! By biting its head off!”

“No. You’re not eating it.” Dipper huffed, staring down the chewy candy in frustration. “You’re gonna change it back.”

“Why? Let’s be real, that laptop really wasn’t that important.” Bill responded nonchalantly.

“I had all of my supernatural research on there!” Dipper sneered. “Bill! Change! It! Back!”

“I’ll change it back if you make a deal with me.” Bill chuckled darkly, extending his hand as it lit up into blue flames.

“No way you demonic dorito.” Dipper scoffed.

“Well in that case,” Bill muttered. Suddenly, Bill snatched the gummy bear off of Dipper’s desk and popped it into his mouth/eye.

“Ew. It’s cherry flavored” Bill sputtered, spitting out the gelatinous candy all over Dipper’s desk.