Sometimes I like to write. Sometimes I share that writing. This is my collective portfolio of works.

About Me

Hello this is Techivita speaking!

My real name is Evelyn, but I prefer to use my pen name for writing and blogging.

I am currently a college student majoring in Vocal music and minoring in Film and English. I am also adept at video editing, voice acting, and am an amateur at visual arts. I also like creating cosplay when attending New York Comic Con.

Originally this blog is where I posted my writing for other people to read, but now that time has gone on the pressure to create writing has been overshadowed by college and work. So now this has become my growing portfolio of works I have written and decided to share. Some of the older works may be a little odd, but my hope is to improve slowly in my ability to write. So check out what you wish! Also please check out my photography and cosplay page if you’re interested!



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Please do not steal my works. Contact if you want to use my works.

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